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Spike Lee Says All Senators That Vote To Acquit Trump Will ‘Burn In Hell’

Film-maker Spike Lee told reverend and MSNBC host, Al Sharpton, that all senators that vote to acquit President Donald Trump will “burn in hell.”

Lee asked Sharpton: “Let me ask you a question: Did they have to put their hands on the Bible when they took the vow?” Sharpton responded that there was a Bible on the podium. Lee responded through laughs “They’re going to burn in hell if they put their hand on that Bible.”

The director continued:

“I wouldn’t want to be standing [next] to none of those guys, because they’re gonna be struck by lightning. History will say they were on the wrong side of history. The wrong side, the wrong side. So everybody — here’s the thing. I’m not speaking for anybody but myself. This is me speaking, everybody. Whoever comes out of the Democratic convention, I’m voting for, because we cannot have another four years of Agent Orange.”