Beth Moore Says People Against Social Justice Have “Nuts in a Jar”

Beth Moore turned heads today when on Twitter she gave her regular daily dose of crazy (her tweets are increasingly bizarre).

A jar of nuts.

The woman is literally insane.

Those pushing the Marxist trend of “social justice” are quick to accuse traditional, freedom-loving Americans of not caring about justice.

It is stunning that they equate leftist talking points with the gospel of Jesus.

The argument as it relates to the leftist Social Justice movement in evangelicalism is:

(A) Whether Social Justice positions for abortion, Critical Race Theory, homosexuality, and communism are really “just” at all?


(B) Whether or not the Gospel’s purpose is to “do justice”?

Liberation Theology, a Marxist scheme from South America in the 1970s, says that justice is the purpose, goal, and heart of the gospel. Christians believe the Gospel’s purpose, goal, and heart is a dead and crucified Savior who gave his life as a means of grace.

Beth Moore agrees with Liberation Theologians and insists that being a do-gooder is part and parcel with preaching the gospel.

Unfortunately, the list of good-deeds for Social Justice warriors is mostly a list of sins to support.

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