Baptist Pastor Says Counseling Gays is ‘Barbaric and Deadly’

A Kentucky Baptist pastor has claimed in an op-ed in the Courier Journal that an attempt to counsel homosexuals who are struggling with their unnatural sexual desires is “barbaric and deadly.”

Jason Crosby is the young pastor of Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville, which is a member of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, and the American Baptist Church.

The left-of-center church seems a hotbed of liberal thought, embracing homosexuality and affirming sin. Crosby spoke up in the name of Christianity in his article posted in the newspaper to castigate faith leaders who attempt to help those who desire counseling to work through their soul and body-destroying tendencies.

To Crosby, love looks like hate. He claimed, “Scientists have long told us that same-sex attraction is not a choice. I am no scientist, but the many people I have met who have endured pain and difficulty inflicted by religious leaders and institutions for embracing their same-sex orientation further supports widely held scientific conclusions.”

It’s actually scientifically demonstrable that those who engage in homosexual behavior and suffer “transgender” delusions are exponentially at higher risk of suicide. It’s not possible to throw in with high-risk behavior and not suffer consequences.

Crosby continued…

Because same-sex attraction is not a choice, conversion therapy is dangerous, destructive and deadly

Few, if any, carry out this logic to its full conclusions regarding any other type of sinful, dangerous behavior. Clinical counseling is used to deter all kinds of self-damaging behavior like addiction, irrational thoughts, and other kinds of mental illness that are innate to the individual.

A caring and compassionate minister should offer a full-spectrum of counseling options that can help people who struggle with mental and spiritual illnesses.