The ‘Gospel’ Coalition Finds Gospel Themes in Disney’s LGBT Fan Favorite,”Frozen”

The ‘Gospel’ Coalition, which have been so eaten up and corrupted with Social Justice, have virtually gutted themselves of any theological seriousness. They are now exegeting cartoons and claim to have found Biblical messages in a Disney cartoon.

This isn’t satire.

The ‘Gospel’ Coalition slums through contemporary culture to find what they call ‘Gospel’ themes, which are churchy-type elements that may – if you squint and turn your head a certain way – parallel some aspect of Biblical truth. We’ve covered this repeatedly at Pulpit & Pen, most recently from one of The Gospel Coalition’s lesbian writers who found gospel themes in 50 Shades of Grey.

This might be news for The Gospel Coalition, but Disney’s Frozen has become a favorite of the gay ‘community,’ who have resonated strongly with the character, Elsa. The first two films have an undeniable “LGBT story-arc” that has made ‘Let it Go’ the #1 song sung by drag queens in the United States. And as we reported with the post, Parental Warning: Elsa to Get a Girlfriend in Frozen Follow-Up, it’s fairly common knowledge that the character will come out of the closet in the third installment of the franchise.

The LGBT ‘community’s’ affinity for the film is undeniable and understandable, but why The Gospel Coalition would try to extract Biblical principles from the Disney cartoon is less fathomable.

Written by Dustin Crowe, TGC’s post, Frozen: Same Old Disney or Surprisingly Counter-Cultural?, argues that Frozen has replaced cultural ideas with biblical ones.

However, what Crowe calls a “biblical idea” is actually more TGC Social Justice Communitarianism, repackaged in shiny wrapping. He writes absurdly…

“The end of Frozen leaves us not with the glory of the autonomous individual, but the surpassing beauty of belonging in community. Its happy ending isn’t found at the end of a solitary path, but on a journey with others.”

And in a stunning display of cinematic eisegesis, Crowe writes…

The self-centered gospel is a false gospel, Frozen vividly reminds us. Autonomy cannot deliver on the good news it promises. And like Elsa and Anna, we can neither save nor free ourselves; help must come from beyond. Only grace can give us what we most need but can’t supply. As it did for Anna, love reaches down into our frozen heart and unthaws us with new life. And this act—Anna laying down her life—finally saves and changes her sister. Love spares Elsa’s life, frees her from captivity to fear, breaks the curse’s power, and allows the prodigal to return home.

Of course, the film was about cartoon princesses and a talking snowman. The film had nothing to do with the gospel, whether a “self-centered gospel” or any other kind. It was about, I repeat, cartoon princesses and a talking snowman.

The film was not about grace, “unthawing us with new life” or being freed from the curse of sin.

It was, I repeat, about cartoon princesses and a talking snowman.

This is the type of garbage one would expect to see during a big-box seeker-friendly megachurch summer blockbuster sermon series. Although The Gospel Coalition presents itself as a prestigious place for serious intellectual thought, it is, for lack of a better word, theological crap.

The Gospel Coalition is where good thoughts go to die. It is where common sense is sent into exile. The Gospel Coalition is a dungheap of doctrinal idiocy, indwelled by an army of moronic maggots that feed off that antibiblical bacteria.

The Gospel Coalition is a cruel joke, a farce, a dark comedy. The Gospel Coalition, as far as publications go, is the Mad Magazine of evangelicalism. It is not educating the simpleminded; the Gospel Coalition is trolling the intelligent. The material TGC publishes is offensive to everyone whose brain cells cannot be counted on a single hand. It is trifling, trivial garbage. In terms of content, TGC is not the McDonalds of evangelicalism; it is the generic McDonalds knock-off of evangelicalism. It is fast-food garbage inside a clown-covered bag with crappy plastic toys inside.

TGC is literally exegeting gospel themes out of Disney’s LGBTQ fan-favorite cartoons. They are morons. They are not only a naked emperor, but they are also a naked emperor on parade. They are streaking across the internet in the birthday suit. It is time we just all say what we all know.

The Gospel Coalition is offensively stupid.