The Gospel Coalition Promotes a Conference Pushing the Rainbow to Tweens

Watch out Christian parents. This Gospel Coalition author wants to help your 11 year old accept being gay as “a really, really positive thing.”

The Gospel Coalition recently promoted a 3 day “Liberty” event in Sydney, Australia, a conference to promote the inclusion of ”sexual minorities”in evangelical churches led by gay pastor Ed Shaw.

Shaw spreads his corrupt version of celibate “Christian” homosexuality through his organization “Living Out,” a ministry which received much heat this year for promoting homosexual relationships to teens. Speaking of well-deserved heat, The Gospel Coalition received some righteous push back on social media for the Shaw interview, which included a blasphemous statement that Jesus experienced Same Sex temptation.

Maybe TGC would have received even more criticism if they would have published the name of Shaw’s Sydney event and his target audience—a couple of details they must have forgotten to mention.

Jesus is Great News for the Rainbow World?

To kick off the Sydney Liberty event,  Ed Shaw conducted a youth night where he gave a sermon titled, “Jesus is Great News for a Rainbow World.” The event was widely publicized to area youth groups, and Liberty even provided a letter template for youth pastors to explain this indoctrination event to parents/guardians. The letter informed parents that at this event Shaw would be educating their children on “sex and sexuality,” that other same-sex attracted Christians would provide their testimonies and:

“Whether you are Christian, or non-Christian, same-sex attracted or not, we’d love you to join us as we open the Bible and explore why Jesus is truly great news for our rainbow world.”

(Spoiler alert: Watch the video below to note that opening the Bible and repeating what God has clearly spoken on the topic of homosexuality is something Ed Shaw doesn’t ever get around to while promoting gay celibacy to teens.)

The letter also encouraged parents not to under-estimate their child’s readiness for indoctrination:

“In today’s world, these issues are relevant to our tweens as well… As such Liberty Youth is open for all young people from Year 7 to Year 12 (In Australia, this equates to children as young as 11 years old.)”

“A Really, Really Positive Thing”

In a video promoting the event, Shaw explained to teens why being gay is mysterious yet good:

“Why are some people Same Sex Attracted?” Shaw answers, “Well I am, and God is good and God has created me to be the person that I am. I can rage against that if I want to, but it isn’t particularly constructive. What I can do is see the good God has brought out of that and how he has used it in my life and other people’s lives to help me become more like Jesus, and to help them become more like Jesus…”

“It’s been a really, really positive thing… on the good days days I see with absolute clarity the good that God has brought out of my experience with Same Sex Attraction, and on those days I’m really grateful to him for it.”

Here’s a helpful exercise: Replace “Same Sex Attracted” in the statement above with “Poly-armory attracted,” “Incest attracted,” or a desire for any sexual perversion the Bible condemns (Romans 1:26; Leviticus 18) to see how well Shaw’s theology holds up.

Christian parent, does this lifelong celibate rainbow sound like great news for your tween?

Don’t let us be the judge. Visit the site of this TGC-promoted event for yourself. Look at the video. Ask how it holds up to Scripture.