The Gospel Coalition’s Militant Lesbian Denounces America

Jackie Hill Perry (left), Colin Kaepernick (right)

A militant lesbian and angry Social Justice advocate who is a favorite of The Gospel Coalition has denounced America. Jackie Hill Perry, who is married to a man but who is still attracted to females and carries herself in a quite masculine demeanor, is quickly setting herself up as the Colin Kaepernick of evangelicalism.

Perry, who claims that homosexual desire is not sinful, has been an outspoken proponent of the Social Justice movement and an outspoken opponent of male-female gender roles, Capitalism, and Biblical conservatism.

And most lately, Perry has denounced America.

Perry’s comments were in relation to the mass shootings over the weekend, both of which were committed by apparent Socialists, one was a Democrat and the other who was opposed both parties.

Perry’s rhetoric seems indistinguishable from anyone else on the left, who seem unable to view America’s unique Christian heritage in historic context or recognize America’s influence for human flourishing here and around the globe.

Sadly, it is doubtful that Perry is referring to America’s murderousness due to abortion. Rather, Perry is referring to the Judeo-Christian founding of America and their (now repentant) treatment of warfaring Indigenous peoples and the African slaves.

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