The Gospel Coalition Says “Capitalism is Dangerous” in Latest Political Propaganda Video

The Gospel Coalition, a political organization funded by Socialist dark money that masquerades as a religious 501(c)3, is busy promoting the talking points of progressive faux-Christianity. In the latest video produced and published by TGC, entitled Thinking Christianity About the Economy, two speakers went through a bullet-point of Marxist talking points and alleged that it was the Christian view.

In a recorded talk between Justin Buzzard, a highlighted-haired, faux-hawked Silicon Valley pastor who seems to be desperately trying to hold on to stylistic coolness in a stereotypical “pastor is trying to be hip and relevant” sort of way and Eden Chen, a CEO of a tech firm.

Buzzard co-authored Why Cities Matter to God with Marxist provocateur and TGC co-founder, Tim Keller.

The two blue-state ideologues discuss in the video how Christians should think about the economy. It is one of many daily articles designed to drive America’s evangelicals to the left.

With unemployment at an all-time low, with employment among minority groups at an all-time high, with GDP on an epic roll, the stock market at an all-time high, and most economic indicators pointing north, TGC wants Christians to see the downside of unabashed, undeterred Capitalism.

After a minute and a half of Buzzard explaining “supply and demand” as though he were talking to fourth-graders, the two began to drop the all-too-common leftist Commie codewords like “justice” and “flourishing.”

Chen said, “I don’t think those in San Francisco, like in the government, are stoked about, you know, folks who can’t afford housing…they would love to see what I consider justice, which would be like equal opportunities for other races and people in other socio-economic…backgrounds…

Over-all, the two were complaining that the amazing economy of Silicon Valley was leaving behind the ethnic minorities and the poor. Chen, an Asian, might somehow be unaware that more than a third of professionals in Silicon Valley are Asian. Likewise, the “equal opportunities” in Silicon Valley seem to be egalitarian for all, as the area promises more class mobility than any region in the United States, if not the world, with countless multitudes shooting up from poverty to riches overnight.

Chen went onto say, “From an economic standpoint, there are probably certain instances in history that those that were in the governing bodies maybe didn’t desire the same things we desire like justice, productive, creativity, and diversity….

Of course, people are not entitled to housing under God’s law and they are not entitled to the wealth, goods, or services of others so it is not a “justice” issue.

When asked what he thought about Capitalism by Buzzard, Chen took a deep breath and answered as though Capitalism were controversial.

After a dramatic pause, Chen explained that Capitalism feeds off of human selfishness and added, “Without proper regulation in place, there’s a lot of danger to it…without the proper boundaries in place, then that simpleness gets extracted to its highest level which is why we see a large amount of inequality with Capitalism.”

The video then ended after Buzzard said he was in complete agreement.

They had no words of caution regarding Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or the coerced redistribution of wealth.

Apparently, for The Gospel Coalition, Christians should only be concerned about Capitalism, and not economic systems that have killed 100 million people in the 21st Century, ravaged nations, starved millions more and stolen from the wealthy in order to make everyone equally as poor.