Perry Stone Checks His Phone While “Speaking in Tongues”

In the very few accounts of the Holy Spirit gifting someone with the ability to speak a foreign language that they did not know in order to communicate with a trans-cultural audience, known as the “gift of γλῶσσα,” or languages in English, the Bible speaks of the Spirit “falling” on someone, “coming over” someone, or essentially overpowering them.

As I began to speak, the Holy Spirit fell on them just as on us at the beginning (Acts 11:15).

However, when charismatic televangelist charlatan, Perry Stone, engaged in what some call the “gift of tongues” (unlike the gift recorded in the Bible, this is an ecstatic utterance of gibberish nonsense non-words and pointless gobbledegook gibberish), he was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that he checked his phone, scrolling it out of apparent boredom.

Beginning with a repetitious phraseology, the kind forbidden by Jesus in Matthew 6:7 that He called a “heathen” practice, Stone moved on to look at his phone and then talk gibberish. Then, he picked up his phone while talking gibberish. Then, he picked up his phone and just moaned as he scrolled for messages, before putting his phone down and babbling nonsense again.

Behold, the power of…well, whatever it is, it’s not God.

If you’re a charismatic and would like to get out of the nonsense, please consider the doctrine of Cessationism to avoid such foolishness. Read more about Cessationism here.

[Editor’s Note: Correction: The first publishing of this article used the last name “Noble” instead of “Stone” several times. Our apology. That’s another heretic we’re referring to. HT this source]

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