C3 Megachurch Busted By Mainstream News for Being Prosperity Cult

After tireless efforts to expose an Australian megachurch for its filthy prosperity gospel and shameless pursuit of filthy lucre, we pray that discerning friends Down Under have a moment of reprieve after the mainstream media covered the C3 cult over the weekend.

A Current Affair (Australia) did a lengthy expose’ on the prosperity cult, which boasts more than 400 locations worldwide and 100 thousand followers.

“Where does Jesus ever teach that you can buy a miracle with money?”

That question was asked on Australian television (praise God) in the segment criticizing the grotesque wealth and pyramid scheme created by Phil Pringle, the cult-leader of C3.

For an extra dose of giggles entertaining to mostly just me, the expose’ described C3’s target as “God’s hipsters, a following of young faithful, hooked by Instagram.”


The secular news outlet said, “It’s less about repenting for sins and more about building your finances.”

Again, dang straight.

And, A Current Affair also covered the charismatic craziness that accompanies the prosperity gospel.

It was, over-all, a very, very good piece against this dangerous, worldwide cult.