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Spot-On: “Democrats’ God is the God of Their Imagination,” Says Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, appeared on the Fox Business Channel and then recently claimed that the Democrat’s god is the god of their imagination. When asked about Pete Buttigieg (the homosexual Indiana mayor running for president) and his castigation of Christians who believe in immigration law and order, Jeffress played … Read more

Disgraced Ergun Caner Joins Robert Jeffress at “Camp Meeting”

Ergun Caner resigned from Brewton Parker College in Georgia after a sexting scandal and multiple adulterous relationships (including at least one with a faculty member). This is after African American students protested his presidency when he made repeated racist remarks (including saying that someone had “ni**er-di*cked” him). Then, Caner filed for divorce from his wife, … Read more

Robert Jeffress Demands Apologies from Critics, Claims Hannity Interview Shared The Gospel

Recently, Robert Jeffress interviewed Roman Catholic political activist Sean Hannity during the Sunday Morning service at his church (Read more about this here). About this, Nebraska senator Ben Sasse (R) Tweeted about this, “Christians: Are we really this ignorant of the Scriptures?” He then quoted John 18:36 as saying, “Jesus answered, ‘My Kingdom is not of this … Read more

Robert Jeffress: Donald Trump Truly Pro-Life, A Real Friend in the White House!

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump defended Planned Parenthood at the Republican Debate, the well-known Evangelical pastor, Robert Jeffress, takes the stage with Donald Trump, claiming that he knows Donald Trump personally and that he knows Donald Trump is truly pro-life, and would be a great friend in the White House. Keep in mind this … Read more

Lotz, Jeffress, Barton, Beck – WVW Covers It

Recently, Pulpit & Pen broke two stories covering Anne Graham Lotz, and her promotion of a Jewish mystic as an example of how Christians should pray, and the new TBN television series with David Barton and Glenn Beck starting this month. Our popular guest poster, Brandon Hines’ article gets plenty of airtime. See the articles … Read more

An Open Letter to Erick Erickson re: Beth Moore

Hi Erick, You have a great website, The Resurgent (I link it to show you courtesy, as I usually don’t link lesser-known blog sites). Truthfully though, I’ve never listened to your radio show. I’m more of a Steve Deace kind of guy (no offense). I admire a man who knows his theology well enough to … Read more

Conservative Baptist Leaders Remove Tweets Endorsing Paula White’s Book

After widespread outrage for tweeting endorsements for Paula White’s new book, a number of prominent conservative Christian leaders deleted their tweets. Among the outraged were primarily progressive evangelicals who venerate other heretics, like Martin Luther King and James Cone. These leftists had an ax to grind with White, who serves as Trump’s spiritual adviser. However, … Read more

ERLC Trying to Kick Out Conservative SBC Pastors Because They Endorsed a Book

An Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) employee is calling for prominent conservative Southern Baptist leaders to be excommunicated from the denomination after they endorsed a book by one of President Trump’s spiritual advisers. Projecting himself as a friend of Barack Obama and hardly – if ever – critical of his policies, Russell Moore’s antipathy … Read more

‘The View’ Changes Worship Song for Jesus into Anti-Trump Ballad

In celebrated blasphemy, Joy Behar and the ‘ladies’ at The View changed the lyrics to a worship song about Jesus and made it into an anthem calling for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. Democrats are godless, as their party platform and convention resolutions explicitly testify. Trying to find a legitimately Christian Democrat is like … Read more

Beth Moore’s Wicked Daughter Calls God’s Promise to Noah “Nonsense”

Beth Moore’s hostile, militant, and recently divorced daughter, Melissa Moore, recently derided a Southern Baptist pastor who reminded the Fox News audience that God promised Noah not to flood the world again. Apparently, Moore thought the Nohaic Covenant is “nonsense.” This follows on the heels of many other angry, leftist tweets from Ms. Melissa Moore … Read more

Trump Appears at David Platt’s Church for Prayer, Liberals Object

This Sunday, Donald Trump joined Pastor David Platt on the platform at McLean Bible Church in Northern Virginia for prayer. Trump’s appearance came on the heels of Franklin Graham’s call for a national day of prayer for the President and a tragic workplace shooting in nearby Virginia Beach which claimed the lives of 12 victims. … Read more

Trump’s Religious Advisors Continue to Include Prosperity Heretics

Donald Trump, who has brought many undeniable victories for Christians and Christians causes during his tenure as President, still seems to have a dubious grasp on Christian theology and continues to surround himself mostly with heretics. While we are thankful that Trump has sought to eliminate grant funding for Planned Parenthood, nominated conservative justices to … Read more

‘Spineless Morons’ — Dallas Megachurch Pastor Rips ‘Never Trump’ Evangelicals

[Scott Morefield | The Daily Caller] Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of one of the nation’s largest churches and a prominent evangelical supporter of President Donald Trump, criticized so-called “Never Trump” evangelicals as “spineless morons” who “cannot admit that they were wrong.” “Let me say this as charitably as I can,” the First Baptist Dallas pastor … Read more