Disgraced Ergun Caner Joins Robert Jeffress at “Camp Meeting”

Ergun Caner resigned from Brewton Parker College in Georgia after a sexting scandal and multiple adulterous relationships (including at least one with a faculty member). This is after African American students protested his presidency when he made repeated racist remarks (including saying that someone had “ni**er-di*cked” him). Then, Caner filed for divorce from his wife, with whom he had a long-term separation that he had covered up privately and publicly, and both parties accused each other (credibly) of adultery in the divorce proceedings. When he resigned from Brewton Park College due to these incidents of racism and adultery, Caner blamed his resignation on the death of his son, soliciting sympathy around the world. However, when the news broke about his forced resignation and its real reasons, most were repulsed that he would use his son’s suicide to cover up his own sins.

Before these tragic events, Caner lost two very public lawsuits against innocent parties who posted videos of his lies on YouTube (the judge dismissed his claims “with prejudice” and required him to pay the defendant’s legal fees). All of this came upon the heels of his disgraced resignation from Liberty University, which occurred after it was discovered that Caner’s entire life story had been fabricated. Caner claimed to have been born in Turkey, but he was born in Sweden. Caner claimed to have been raised in Beirut but was raised in the United States. Caner claimed to have been trained in a Madrassa by a father who was an Islamic cleric but was actually raised in the United States by his mother, who was a non-Muslim hippy, and his estranged father was an architect. Caner claimed that when he was saved he spoke broken English, but English is his only language. Caner claimed to have engaged in dozens of moderated debates but engaged in none.

Ergun Caner, like a cockroach, has survived all of this and still manages to scurry out from underneath a rock long enough to collect an honorarium for speaking at church camps and revivals.

Divorce. Adultery. Sexting. Racism. Fake life story. And yet, Caner is still around.

Caner will be speaking at the upcoming 2018 East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting. The meeting is organized by Dennis Erwin and includes speakers, Ergun Caner, Mark Thrift, Joe Author, Ronnie Barefield, and Robert Jeffress.

Jeffress, in particular, is a man of some fame. He is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and is a well-known conservative commentator and Trump supporter who can ordinarily and regularly be seen on Fox News and other news outlets. You can read articles at Pulpit & Pen about Jeffress here. According to the website for the camp meeting:

Everyone is invited to join us for this special week of preaching, gospel music, and daily activities in East Texas! This year we are celebrating our 21st year with a special emphasis on evangelism and revival. Come ready for a blessing – you will not be disappointed!

The website brags that they have booked, “seasoned men of God.”

Caner certainly is seasoned. But, not like salt. A call to Dennis Erwin, the organizer of the 2018 East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting, has not been returned.