Todd Bentley Sees “Financial Angel” in Yoga Pants, Wrestles Another

Todd Bentley, a popular charismatic preacher who was anointed for ministry by many in the New Apostolic Reformation, recalls his encounter with an “International Banking Angel.”

Bentley said, “I’m in my hotel and in my bathroom and it’s the middle of the night. And I turn my light on, and there’s a man in there. I look at this man without a shirt on, and I think he must’ve gone in the wrong room…Then I noticed he’s wearing really funny, like, white yoga pants; like really tight, ballet-type pants and Aladin-like golden slippers and I realize, this isn’t a man. This is an angel.”

Bentley continues the account, “So this angel then turns around and I see out of the angel’s back, wings and feathers…and outside of his back comes four wings. And I looked and inside his wings – or whatever you want to call it – were gemstones of every kind, precious gemstones… What do I make of this, she said, ‘I’m like a cherubim and I work in the realms of glory.’ And I thought, whoa, okay why are you here? And he said, ‘I’m here to release the glory that will bring a favor that will release supernatural resources for the purpose of kingdom. And I am a financial angel from the highest realms of glory working with heaven’s economy” [emphasis ours, to demonstrate he’s changing the sex of the angel as his story progresses].

Bentley then recalls how he explained to his host how he saw the vision. He was then told that Bob Jones and Shawn Boltz both met that same “financial angel” in that hotel. Bentley also explains another angelic encounter, in which an angel wrestled Bentley in bed.

You can watch the video below.


[Editor’s Note: HT to the Heterodox Research Initiative, here]

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