Caner Loses Second Lawsuit, Trying to Conceal the Truth (Sounds Like Repentance to Me, Johnny Hunt)

First, thanks to Jason Smathers for providing the info so I can piggy-back off of his post at Witnesses Unto Me.

Secondly, let me point out my previous reporting that Johnny Hunt has claimed that Ergun Caner has demonstrated genuine repentance and should therefore be restored to ministry. With Hunt making this claim, others with the inability or unwillingness to think for themselves also make the claim.

jerry walls

And thus, the myth of Caner’s repentance grows like snowball heading towards hell…

Well, it seems that secular courts are willing to do something that the church is not willing to do (and it’s to our inexcusable shame). A court has today issued a public judgment in regards to Ergun Caner. Now only if God’s people could follow the example of the pagan justice system and decide a matter as right or wrong. If we are to judge angels one day (1 Corinthians 6), we’re in big trouble if we can’t even judge a devil like Ergun Caner.

First, the judge gives Caner’s definitive (and actually true) life story. This is interesting…


Caner 1

The judge substantiates Caner’s actual life story. Why? How is this relevant to the case? The judge has put into the public record Caner’s actual testimony because it’s pertinent to the information provided in the Marines lecture, and thus, the case at large. In other words, the judge is providing this information to substantiate that Caner lied throughout the video because it is pertinent to the judge’s findings. Although Caner would still have a groundless and frivolous lawsuit even if the video wasn’t chocked full of lies, the judge is about to demonstrate for the world Caner’s motivations for suppressing the video.


caner 2

This is good. The judge demonstrates more integrity here than any Southern Baptist who’s name the average Southern Baptist would recognize. The judge speaks beyond the scope of the Marines video and points out that Caner’s lies were well beyond this one event and venue. It also puts into black and white legal record Caner’s lies – that he grew up in Turkey, steeped and trained in Jihad.

The judge then points out that Caner’s career is based on lies; listen to the phrasing here…

Caner 3Notice, the judge is well aware that Caner has never lived in Turkey. Clearly, the judge indicates here that Caner’s rise in prominence was due to lies capitalizing on the tragedy of September 11. Also, please look at the judge’s notes under footnote 6, as he demonstrates for Southern Baptists that with just a little bit of effort it can be ascertained that Caner repeatedly lied about himself. The other footnotes herein are equally as enlightening (and as someone who wants someone to just speak some truth about Caner, a tad bit heartwarming).

Then, the judge has a sharp rebuke for the legal games Caner was trying to play (for some pretty nefarious reasons)…

caner 4

Noooo. Say it ain’t’ so. Sarcasm aside, the judge then goes on to substantiate this sharp rebuke by pointing out the absurd argumentation of Caner and the claims directed toward Autry…

caner 5

Caner argues that Autry is a “cyber terrorist” and then claims that even though criticizing public figures is allowable under Fair Use, that First Amendment protections don’t belong to Autry because he’s not “qualified” to criticize because he’s not in academia! By the way, Autry earned a Masters Degree from Liberty University under Caner’s headship, so…


caner 6

Paging Johnny Hunt…Paging Johnny Hunt…

While Johnny Hunt is declaring Caner’s “repentance” as being genuine and saying he’s now restored to ministry, and while his sycophants repeat Hunt’s declaration as authoritative fact, Caner is suing a Southern Baptist pastor and an entirely different Southern Baptist pastor’s son because when they exposed him it “impacted his ability to function and continue in his career.” Yep. Sounds like real repentance there, Johnny.

Look at how the judge responds to Caner…


caner 7

He calls it “ludicrous.” He calls Caner’s claims that only those in an academic “oligarchy” bizarre. The judge then proceeds to write that Caner’s assertions amount to nothing but “outlandish arguments.”

The end of this long, sordid affair is that the judge wrote that even if Caner and his attorney were right about all their accusations toward Autry (which they didn’t even try to substantiate) his use of the videos would still be considered fair use and the judge writes “no reasonable jury” would find otherwise and then issued a Summary Judgment in favor of Jonathan Autry.

Oh, and then the judge left instructions with Autry on how he can file for financial restitution.

A Question for the Southern Baptist ‘Oligarchy’…

The judge in this case was flabbergasted that Caner asserted only a ruling class, academic “oligarchy” could criticize him. This is no surprise to those of us who know Caner and those who defend him. They will clearly tell you in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t “owe us” an explanation and that we’re not qualified to question him.

Where are those, according to Caner, who can question and criticize him? I think even the judge in this case is wondering where in the daylights you are. You see, Caner knows that the Good Old Boy SBC oligarchy won’t criticize him.

Please, for the love of Jesus and His church, prove him wrong.

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9 Responses

  1. Walter Schroedter says:

    Dear JD,

    Thanks for your excellent analysis of this telling judgment. I greatly appreciate your efforts in continuing to bring attention to the incongruity of soft-pedalling Ergun’s behaviour. I agree with your article about Johnny Hunt, whom I do not know. I do have a criticism though, and it relates to the ascription of the word “devil” to Ergun. I realize that Jesus addressed Judas in this way, but Jesus knew that Judas was beyond repentance. We do not know this about Ergun. The Lord may extend mercy and grace to him yet. Ergun’s worst enemy is the truth (about his lies). Seeking to hold him accountable for this is the right thing to do. In my view calling someone a “devil” does not advance the cause and might actually hinder it. I would hate to see good work go down the drain over something like this. Know what I mean?
    Love in Christ,

  2. Robert says:

    I don’t understand what the motivation of the lawsuits. Surely Ergun knew how frivolous they were, as evidenced by the lack of legal response. Maybe they were designed to remove the videos from online for a while, but there is plenty of other videos of him lying out there. If it was to silence the defendants, then he would have taken up Jason’s offer to censor himself. And then we have James White detailing how Ergun told a police officer he was considering suing for libel, again something surely doomed to failure due to truth evidenced in his speaking engagements being a prima facie defence. Maybe Ergun is rich and just seeks to bully people by the threat implied in any lawsuit. Maybe Ergun is simply self-deluded.

  3. Lawyer says:

    As a practicing lawyer I can tell you after reading this opinion that this judge was very displeased with Caner and his attorney. Judges usually go out of their way to be temperate in their written opinions and don’t liberally use words like “bizarre”, “ludicrous”, and “outlandish.” Words like that are reserved for the most frivolous of cases.

  4. Dan Calkins says:

    Thanks for helping to bring this judge’s opinion to light, as well as your continued analysis. Ergun Caner continues to prove to be the SBC version of Kevin Trudeau.

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow if a secular judge could dispense discernment better than the church…something is wrong here

  6. Katie says:

    In a day when the church is broken and divisive, here comes Ergun Caner to prove to unbelievers that Christians don’t have any more peace and kindness towards each other, let alone outsiders. This is profoundly sad. What is our witness to the world?

    In how many ways can Caner defy the scriptures?

    He lies and it appears that it’s pathological at this point. Then he lies to cover up the first lies… ad nauseum.

    He sues other believers in direct opposition to scripture.

    His language is intemperate and shows no respect for women with his “Mangina” comments. I spent 20 years in the Navy and if had heard that in front of me, he’d know about it. Demeaning and condescending.

    He posts things from his twitter account that are clearly not truthful saying he has been exonerated.

    I do not understand how a Christian having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit could behave in this manner. His witness is shameful

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