The Top-Secret Evidence Exonerating Caner that Johnny Hunt Can’t Share

I continue to receive correspondence from Georgia Baptists saying that Johnny Hunt, Jim Law and others are telling concerned Baptists that “the public doesn’t know everything about the Ergun Caner situation” and we should, therefore, trust our leaders. They insist that there is evidence exonerating Caner they just aren’t permitted to share with us. This is nothing new. Timothy Rogers has argued that the “investigatory panels” (IE the Liberty trustee board that came up with the term “self-contradictory facts” and demoted him or the Brewton-Parker trustee board that hired him “because of the relentless pagan attacks” against him) that supposedly exonerated him have information that we don’t have about the situation. An anonymous commenter posting under different names said the same thing on a previous post on this blog just last night. Tim Lee, who was the chairman of the now-infamous “self-contradictory fact” committee at Liberty University was quoted as saying that there was exonerating evidence that just couldn’t be made public. Brewton-Parker Vice President CB Scott has said that “you don’t know everything the trustees know.”

Let me ask a question? What could the exonerating piece of top-secret, highly-classified, not-to-be-divulged evidence be?

Caner has made the following false claims:

1. He was trained in a Madrassa in Beirut before coming to America.

2. He was trained in a Madrassa in Cairo before coming to America.

3. He came to America at 14 (he was two).

4. He came to America at 17 (he was two).

5. His father was a polygamist with three wives (he was not).

6. His father was an Islamic scholar (he was an architect).

7. He debated folks of other religions at over fifty college campuses and held over sixty moderated debates, including a debate with Michael Moore (he had NOT A SINGLE ONE).

8. He knows Arabic, and spoke gibberish to demonstrate (he does not speak Turkish, Arabic or any other Middle Eastern Language).

9. He was raised in Turkey (he was born in Sweden and was raised in Ohio).

10. He learned in English in Brooklyn (he lived in Ohio).

11. He learned English by watching Dukes of Hazzard in Turkish subtitles (again, he does not speak Turkish, only speaks English, and the Dukes of Hazzard wasn’t even out yet).

12. The night he was saved he went to church in full Islamic garb and could only speak “broken English” at the altar (from eyewitness testimony to be revealed in The Caner Project, neither of these is true).

There are lots more, but that’s one for every Disciple, so that should be enough…

What piece of top-secret information does Johnny Hunt and the others know that they just can’t share? What can exonerate him of telling these lies to tens of thousands of people,  a myriad of times, over the course of ten years when there is video and audio to prove it? What kind of esoteric, hidden revelation does Johnny Hunt have?

Instead of defending his actions publicly (which one would do if they could defend their actions), Hunt and others have instead engaged in a whisper campaign to tell the laypeople that there’s a piece of information that makes this all go away that they just can’t share with the public.

I’d ask us all, assuming that this mystery evidence exists, what – pray tell – could it be?

The only rational thing I can think of is that Caner is a member of Witness Protection. Perhaps he was trained in a Madrassa to conduct Jihad in Beruit and Cairo while on family vacations way from his family home in Turkey. Then, Caner’s biography of being a Sweden-born and Ohio-raised run-of-the-mill suburban kid with a hippie mother and estranged Islamic architect father is just a cover created by the FBI as a part of some plot to protect him from henchmen engaged in organized crime (and all the witnesses to Caner’s suburbanite, normal upbringing in Ohio are plants carefully coached by Witness Protection to validate his story). This is the only scenario in which I could possibly imagine Caner could be vindicated for the story he has told countless hundreds (or more likely, thousands) of times.

If you have any other possibilities, please let me know. Feel free to tell Johnny Hunt also; he’s probably scrambling to find it as well.

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20 Responses

  1. Barry says:

    “They insist that there is evidence exonerating Caner they just aren’t permitted to share with us. ”

    Who has made statements to this effect – that there is actually exonerating EVIDENCE which if known would indicate that Caner did not, in fact, lie? What I’ve seen are Caner defenders just generally stating that “you don’t know everything about the situation.” This doesn’t equate to an assertion that there is actually exonerating evidence. They could easily mean that he’s privately repented of what has happened. Incidentally, I think that’s absurd – even if he has privately “repented” by getting on his knees and crying and begging for forgiveness and saying I’m sorry I’m a no-good liar, all of that would seem to be meaningless when he publicly declares himself “innocent before the consistory” and brazenly roars that he “won’t repent of something he didn’t do.”

    But I haven’t seen anyone go so far as to say that the public doesn’t know about any factual evidence which if known would change the situation.

  2. Lol…. there is NO evidence that makes this go away. I say who ever says that is a LIAR themselves…. I was OK, not good with it, but OK with the fact that the big boys wanted to be sympathetic and look the other way but now they are going to become LIARS themselves…. foolish, the whole pasel of them. You can put a ribbon on a hog but it is still a hog… Caner I’d a LIAR and anyone acting like he didn’t lie is a LIAR too. Put that in your pipes and smoke it…. I am sick to death of the SBC

  3. Debbie Kaufman says:

    There is nothing we don’t know. Not one single thing, except that as an intelligent human being I cannot fathom why they continue to claim there are things we don’t know, and a secret that would exonerate Caner. If it would exonerate him, it would have been on Peter Lumpkin’s blog four years ago with a huge headline.

    Two courts in separate venues cannot be wrong. Charging the arguments in the lawsuits ludicrous. Four years ago Ergun Caner was(and still is) so full of himself that he proudly had hundreds of videos to which we had access too and the questions began. Each video differing from each other. No, we know everything and that should have been enough for him to at least try to repent, but such is not the case. If anything is hidden from us yet, it’s why in the world Ergun is still claiming his story to be true and why he won’t fully repent. Not ever expecting him to, I would at least expect him to quit fighting this and just be quiet. These are the only hidden answers.

    • JD Hall says:

      Can you imagine being one of the others who were interviewed for the Brewton-Parker gig? Then you find out that Johnny Hunt thought Caner would be a better candidate than you. Talk about a self-esteem blow.

  4. which we had access too should be which we had access to. I’m so flabbergasted at what is coming out of Georgia, including from Johnny Hunt who I did respect, my spelling is a tad off. 🙂

  5. burrito34 says:

    This defense of the indefensible is mind boggling. It reminds me of the excuses Latter Day Saints have made and still make for Joseph Smith. I never dreamed I’d see the same kind of thing in the SBC.

    • JD Hall says:

      What’s particularly angry is that their defenses are whispers because (1) they can deny they ever said it and be (2) they’re so patently absurd defenses. Hey, you’re going to endorse Caner to a trustee board, do it from the mountain top like a man. This is the guy who talks about “having a bark and a bite” and he won’t man up and publicly defend Caner, but work behind the scenes covertly to get his boy in charge. That’s not boldness. That’s cowardice. That’s not leadership. That’s the frustrating part – they won’t just up and defend them, because they know they can’t. And if they can’t defend him publicly, they should stop promoting him privately.

  6. James says:

    Does Johnny Hunt not have a “Credibility problem” himself?

    • JD Hall says:

      How on earth did you find that? I’ve posted the link in the Sermon Bunker FB group and asked the #pulpiteers to do a little investigation. If nothing else, it’s interesting.

  7. I think that the two verdicts and statements from both judges show that we know everything. They see what we saw 4 years ago. That has to hurt him, although with those who have power, he will be able to behave as if nothing happened. It happened and they can claim whatever they want, but the court cases, which I realize was scary and tough for both Jason and Jonathan to go through, I am glad they did. Caner and company can spin all they want, but there are two more legal documents added to the other legal documents Jason Smathers uncovered 4 years ago, that show the truth. It’s just a matter of who in the Christian community is honest enough to read them and know they are true.

    This all boils down to honesty. Who is honest enough to admit he lied and is lying and should not be in leadership anywhere, and who is willing to be dishonest and corrupt, continuing to front for the guy. It’s certainly not helping him to lie and cover for him. Plus as you mention, it is a sin to do so. Only coming completely clean and repenting will bring about possible restoration. And then not right away, if ever. Caner certainly isn’t the cash cow he once was and judging by the colleges he has been President of after Liberty, won’t be. Or at least I pray not. We have enough dirt in our churches without adding more.

  8. I might add all this should reflect on Emir’s honesty and integrity as well. He has stayed silent through the whole thing and as far as we know is also behind trying to get Caner back in good standing in the SBC. We forget about Emir who in my estimation is just as guilty as Ergun in all of this. Talk about silent in the background. He is the most silent of them all, yet working behind the scenes.

  9. Caner’s career has suffered enormously due to the allegations. He used to frequently speak before large, prestigious conferences. Now he’s going to small churches, the Woodstock invitation being a rare exception. If Caner had exonerating evidence, it would have been in his self-interest to have produced it long ago.

    Besides, it’s simply not logically possible that there is any evidence to exonerate him. As this article demonstrates, his various self-contradictory statements can’t be reconciled.

    The refusal to SBC leaders to obey Ephesians 5:11 and expose Caner’s lies is a spiritual and moral crisis at the heart of the SBC that can be scarcely exaggerated. If they won’t stand up against this kind of wickedness, then the salt has lost its savor and is good for nothing.

  10. Isn’t the behavior of those conspiring to hide wickedness interesting (not in a good sort of way either)? They make up stuff to say, instead of simply letting their “yea be yea”, and their “nay be nay”. Honest people can speak clearly and simply. Dishonest and evil people have to make up stuff; stuff like “there is exonerating evidence for Caner, but it’s just to sensitive for anyone other than the “top brass” (coughing while saying the phrase “good’ol boys”) to see.
    This tactic sounds strangely familiar…Oh yes, now I remember. It seems that not to long ago there was a price of legislation that the public wanted to examine prior to being voted upon by Congress, but the supports of the legislation simply told us that the bill had to be passed so that we could read it. Now we have Obamacare.
    It seems as though the leadership of the SBC has been taking lessons from all the wrong people. It is pretty sad when you cannot tell the difference between the leadership of the largest evangelical organization in America and the most corrupt Congress in American history.
    Maybe the the SBC would suffer some good if those in favor of honesty and transparency formed the Southen Baptist Tea Party and began a campaign to “throw the bums out”. Wait! I think I’m a bit late to that party. Semper Reformanda is here! Now, help me out; how do you say, “Throw the bums out” in Latin?

  11. Neptune says:

    Why would a former SBC president put a picture of his daughter in a bikini on his Twitter feed? Is this really appropriate for a minister to do? Sorry, I’m unapologetically old-fashioned. Is he not worried that other men may look at her and lust?

    Oh, I get it. They just want women to be silent in the churches. Bikini pictures of female family members are okay. Don’t talk, just pose for the camera. How did the Fundamentalists ever justify supporting Sarah Palin?

    Does anyone see the gross duplicity in all of this?

    Are they aware of how they appear to the non-Christian community?

    Right now, the bikini photo is the third picture down. Folks, these ministers make this stuff public.
    Just like Ergun Caner and his wrestling matches……
    Just like Ergun and his tattoos…….

    And we wonder why the Liberals stay angry at them 24/7?

    We wonder why the Liberals call them hypocrites?

    Even the Liberals can see that they don’t follow the Bible they attempt to preach.

  12. Neptune says:

    Speaking of……”You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours……”

    Dr. Mike Simoneaux has been named President Emeritus at Brewton-Parker College

    By the way, of course this is interesting news because as most people know, Dr. Simoneaux was employed at Truett-McConnell College, where Ergun’s little brother is President. Dr. Simoneaux was able to keep the president’s seat warm at BPC until big brother Ergun could fill it.

    Things that make you go……Hmmm……….

    How do you spell success? N-E-P-O-T-I-S-M

    So let’s have a great big round of applause for bestowing praise, titles and awards to folks who are your biggest fans and will defend your darkest secrets.

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