Caner Resisted Racism Accusation, Resigns Immediately after “Inappropriate Behavior” Accusation

“We didn’t consider Dr. Caner in spite of the attacks; we elected him because of them. He has endured relentless and pagan attacks like a warrior.” — BPC Trustee

These words from a nameless Brewton-Parker College trustee need to live in infamy. The attacks in question, of course, were many concerned individuals (most of whom are fellow evangelicals and many are fellow Southern Baptist pastors and laypeople) posting videos and audios of irrefutable evidence of Ergun Caner’s long career of lies about his life story. The trustees didn’t hire Ergun in spite of these attacks, but because of them.

Trustee Bucky Kennedy has been particularly sycophantic in his support of Caner and vitriolic in his anger toward the contingent of pagan attackers comprising of SBC pastors and fellow evangelicals. Kennedy said in the BPC press release at the time of Caner’s hire:

“I am excited about Dr. Caner being the 16th president of Brewton-Parker College…his character and love for God are admirable and inspirational.”

Of course, there was nothing in Caner’s life or professional career that could have helped to substantiate Kennedy’s statement. It was one made irreconcilably divorced from the realm of reality. That Caner has now resigned for what clearly amounts to character deficiencies, the Brewton-Parker trustees may have just broken the world record for making a terrible decision with the highest amount of people telling them it was a bad idea in advance, with a predictably tragic outcome.

Pulpit & Pen reported to you that Caner did not resign primarily for the reasons given in his resignation statement and repeated by Peter Lumpkins in his atrociously deceptive press release, but had made at least three (conceivably) racist remarks on two occasions, with two of the remarks laced with additional vulgarity. We also reported that VP of BPC, CB Scott, was fired for bringing this information to light. Our reporting has been substantiated by a new press release by Peter Lumpkins (this one a tad more honest and forthright, which is not to be commended to him because the public has clearly demanded it).

Board chairman, Gary Campbell, offers the following information:

  • The trustee board investigators were looking into four charges
  • The first charge was the racially charged statements made to a single employee (as we reported, this includes the two “n-word” vulgarities and they were brought to the attention of CB Scott). This could not be substantiated by the investigation because it was just the employee’s word versus Caner (seems like a no-brainer, but we digress).
  • The second charge was a racial statement regarding a staff member (as we reported, this includes the racist statement made regarding CB Scott to Emir Caner, Ergun’s brother, overheard by several in the next room).
  • The third charge Pulpit & Pen has not heard of, derogatory statements made about staff in Caner’s home, which was summarily dismissed by the investigators as unsubstantiated.
  • The fourth charge was one that Pulpit & Pen had heard about from virtually every source that we spoke with, but have yet to report because we’ve wanted to check, re-check and check again. It was what Campbell calls simply, “inappropriate behavior.” That’s a unique and purposefully vague way to put it, but everyone knows what that means. Everyone.

Then, Campbell acknowledges that he was solely responsible for firing Scott because of an “infraction of a very important business policy of how grievance information is distributed through the chain of command.” In other words, he fired Scott for blowing the whistle. Or more precisely, he fired Scott for not blowing the whistle correctly. Of course, the chain of command above CB Scott is Ergun Caner.

Campbell then resigned from the Board of Trustees at BPC.

It seems that Mr. Campbell has unfortunately succumbed to some relentless, pagan attacks.


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