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SBC Today: There Must be Some Understanding

SBC Today posted a blog today about the Caner situation.  Sadly, I’ll never get the time that I spent reading it back.  I won’t bother to link it.  The SBC Today piece seems like some kind strange way of insulating Emir Caner (who may have written it himself) from criticism.  According to the Pulpit and Pen’s source, it was Emir to whom Ergun Caner spoke of CB Scott being “half-black”.  Apparently (according to the P&P source) Ergun felt like it was okay to use that kind of language with Emir while plotting about what to do with CB Scott  whom he accused at doing a poor job of raising money for a rural college coming off accreditation issues helmed by Ergun “Butch” “Mehmet” Giovanni Caner.

We’ll summarize SBC today’s arguments as follows…

“Calvinists are bad; nothing to see down here at Brewton-Parker and Truett-McConnell.  Adrian Rogers said something one time that doesn’t have anything to do with this and we’ll quote it because we know our base loves him.”

We’ll asses the SBC Today’s Post with this Genesis Music Video about someone in complete denial of an obvious scandal…


[Contributed by Seth Dunn]

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