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Robert Jeffress Demands Apologies from Critics, Claims Hannity Interview Shared The Gospel

Recently, Robert Jeffress interviewed Roman Catholic political activist Sean Hannity during the Sunday Morning service at his church (Read more about this here). About this, Nebraska senator Ben Sasse (R) Tweeted about this, “Christians: Are we really this ignorant of the Scriptures?” He then quoted John 18:36 as saying, “Jesus answered, ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.'”

In response to this criticism, Jeffress shared an article and claimed, “You’ve got a Rep. senator who is criticizing what a pastor & his church are doing to share the gospel. Sen Sasse owes our church an apology.” However, when one looks through the interview, the Gospel is entirely absent from the interview.

For one thing, Jeffress blurs the lines between Christianity and Catholicism by saying, “Nobody goes to heaven in a group; we go one by one, based on our relationship to Christ.” However, he fails to recognize that the Bible says that attempting to gain salvation through the law (as the Roman Catholics do) then they are severed from Christ (Galatians 5:4).

Throughout the interview, instead of a preaching of the Gospel, the two engage in a dialogue about Hannity’s life, Jeffress claims that Catholics are Christians, and Hannity advertises his upcoming movie. In light of the lack of actual Gospel in the interview and the fact that Jeffress alleged that he was preaching the Gospel, one must question: What does Jeffress think the Gospel actually is?

[Contributed by Brandon C. Hines]

Brandon Hines

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