Steven Furtick to Host Anti-Trinitarian Prosperity Preacher, TD Jakes

Funds from the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program helped to launch Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church. Today, that church has become a mega-church hotbed of heresy.

The skinny jeans-wearing cartoon with a misaligned jaw and case of roid-rage (also known as Steven Furtick) hosted a book signing by prosperity preacher, TD Jakes, at his church this Monday.

Furtick conducted an interview with Jakes, while the two shill Jakes’ new book, Soar! The book, of course, isn’t about the Bible or theology but is a self-help tome on entrepreneurial success. According to the Elevation Church website

Join Bishop T.D. Jakes and uncover invaluable insights about entrepreneurship. Whether you have aspirations of launching the next big tech venture or starting a food service for underserved communities, this Book will elevate your thinking for success as an entrepreneur. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to SOAR!

It’s odd that they capitalized, “Book.” Regardless, the entire endeavor is Christless capitalism. It is not Christianity.

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