Charismatics and Catholics to Unite, October 24-26

Since Vatican II in 1959, the Harlot of Rome has been trying to get Christians to come back under her skirt. The bawdy fornicatress of the Roman Catholic church, having tried to eliminate authentic Christianity with oppression and bloodshed, turned to a devilish, palms-up approach of coaxing back into her fold those who she once called (and still does) anathema. The only success the antichrist courtesan has typically had, has been those liberal, inerrancy-denying denominations in one way or another affiliated with the World Council of Churches. Until very recently, American evangelicals have not been drawn by the sinister siren’s lascivious call. The exception to this has been America’s charismatics, who divorced from Sola Scriptura and entranced by claims of extra-scriptural revelation, find the mother madam’s iniquitous brothel a place of seductive comfort rather than sacrilege.

Beginning with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in 1967, Rome’s religion has increasingly reached out to the more superstitious and mystical with claims of her own charismatic power. Obviously, this came with applause from those engulfed in the heretical riptide of the First Wave and Second Wave of the charismatic movement in America. Charismatic evangelicals in the West were eager to adopt Roman Catholics in an ecumenical embrace on the grounds of their shared charismatic sentiments. Since that time, the merger of Charismaticism and Roman Catholicism has become all but complete. Nothing demonstrates this better than the latest attempt to merge American Charismaticism and Roman Catholicism than the Kairos 2017 event that will be held in Kansas City from October 24-26.

The “International Meeting of the Kairos” was invented by the Roman Catholic church as a part of it’s “Great Jubilee” in the year 2000. The goal of the ecumenical organization was to – very explicitly – merge together both Rome and charismatics.

The meeting of Kairos cannot be considered a simple ecumenical event among many, but it should be considered a new ecumenical Pentecost.  Bari has been called an ecumenical city par excellence by the testimony of Bishop Nicholas of Myra.  Because of the presence of the Basilica dedicated to Nicholas, Bari is considered a Holy City of the Churches of Eastern Europe. It has for centuries been a destination of pilgrimage by the faithful, especially from the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches and, more recently, by the Christian Communities of the Reformation and the Anglican family, all seeking to restore Christian unity…The spiritual ecumenism indicated by the Second Vatican Council is accomplished through the experience of a strong presence of the Holy Spirit, which is manifested in ever new and extraordinary ways in the starting of the prophetic mission.  Participation in the meeting of Kairos representing various Churches and Christian Communities is one of the concrete gestures of the unity in the diversity, which testifies to the ecumenical journey undertaken with the universal Church for the realization of the desires of the heart Jesus “that all may be one so that the world may believe.”

This year’s Kairos conference, there will be a whole gaggle of false teachers who will be doing the blasphemy truffle shuffle in a virtual conga line of charismatic chicanery.  The speakers-list is like a roll-call for infamous heretics.

Speakers will include Kenneth Copeland, Mike Bickel (of Kansas City IHOP), Lou Engle (NAR Apostle), Gordon Robertson (son of Pat Robertson), Billy Wilson (of Oral Roberts University), and a whole hive of Roman Catholic officials and Eastern Orthodox idolaters.

As you can see below, from the Kairos website, the organization has a deliberately ecumenical design.

To watch the inanity live, you can click this link.

In the meantime, the rest of us Protestants will be over here….protesting and stuff.

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