Papist to Preach Politics at FBC Dallas

Robert Jeffress (left), appears on Sean Hannity’s (right) television political talk show.

Protestants around the world are preparing to celebrate Reformation Sunday in commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of protesting the Roman Catholic Church. Robert Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor and regular political pundit, has invited a Roman Catholic radio and television host to come and discuss, “his faith and perspective on what is happening in America.”

That a Southern Baptist Church would invite a Roman Catholic to share “his faith” is already revolting, but that it would be done in the season of Reformation is especially noxious.

Joining Jeffress will be the conservative firebrand, Sean Hannity, who has remained a constant fixture in conservative talk radio and at Fox News for many years. Hannity, as his listeners can tell you, is a devout Roman Catholic and not a Christian. That a Roman Catholic would be invited to share his faith at a Protestant church – especially as a part of Lord’s Day worship – is more revolting than engaging in an interfaith dialogue with a Muslim (which has caused about five months worth of Internet ire this year) held during a special event.

For Hannity, the event is part of a publicity tour designed to sell his new “Christian” movie. The website for First Baptist Church of Dallas says…

Be our guest for an exciting Sunday at First Baptist Dallas as Dr. Jeffress interviews Sean Hannity, host of “The Sean Hannity Show” on radio and “Hannity” on Fox News Channel, about his new Christian film, Let There Be Light, as well as his faith and perspective on what is happening in America. 

For those whose heads already want to explode, it gets better (or worse). Hannity’s “Christian” movie is about a man receiving a near-death Heaven Tourism experience (greeeaaat) and subsequently becoming a theist. Nevermind that Jeffress’ own denomination warned its membership about Heaven Tourism. The film stars Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Travis Tritt (the country singer), and Sean Hannity serves as the executive producer.

The Christian demographic has been a boon for marketers of cinema, and everyone seems to want in on it. It won’t be a sermon by Hannity, so much as a commercial trailer of his film.



After Hannity discusses his faith and shills his new “Christian” movie, Jeffress will then preach about the “moral and spiritual unraveling of our nation.” Ironically, Hannity and Jeffress have both been outspoken advocates for President Trump, in spite of the fact that Trump’s election is part of the evidence for the moral and spiritual unraveling of our nation. First time visitors to the church will receive a free copy of Jeffress’ new book, “America at the Crossroads.”

It seems that for Robert Jeffress and FBC Dallas, politics has become a religion, and Roman Catholicism shares the pew with Protestant evangelicalism.


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