Trump’s Religious Advisors Continue to Include Prosperity Heretics

Donald Trump, who has brought many undeniable victories for Christians and Christians causes during his tenure as President, still seems to have a dubious grasp on Christian theology and continues to surround himself mostly with heretics. While we are thankful that Trump has sought to eliminate grant funding for Planned Parenthood, nominated conservative justices to the Supreme Court, banned the mentally-ill from military service, and moved the American embassy to Jerusalem (all things that should be lauded by evangelicals), we are also worried that Trump has embraced Christian political platforms but not yet personally grasped authentic Christianity. At least, that is, if his religious advisors speak to his grasp of the religion of Jesus.

Kenneth Copeland, one of the world’s most prominent prosperity preachers who has personally enriched himself by the devilish Scripture-twisting of “seed-faith” promises, recently joined the POTUS at a White House dinner, at least according to the Christian Broadcasting Network. Copeland and his wife, Gloria, were members of his evangelical advisory board during his campaign.

Also present at that event were prosperity teachers Jentzen Franklin and Paula White.

However, more orthodox Christian leaders were also at the event, including Franklin Graham, Ralph Reed, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Robert Jeffress, none of whom teach the prosperity Gospel and all have at least a tentative grasp on the Gospel.

However, towering above the influence of these more respectable Christian leaders is the influence of Benny Hinn’s former mistress and thrice-married ‘blonde bombshell’ evangelist, Paula White.

During the National Day of Prayer event in the Rose Garden, Paula White (who sometimes uses the surname Cain, the name of her new husband) declared Trump’s White House to be “Holy Ground.”

She decreed and declared, “We thank You for this wonderful White House, for our president, first lady, first family and administration,” Cain said. “We declare it to be holy ground. I will bless the Lord at all times, and His praise shall continually be in my mouth. So as we thank You for the goodness, for the prosperity of our nation, for Your blessing, for Your hand.”

White then took messianic Psalms, which prophesied Christ, and applied them to Trump.

White said, “You declared in Jeremiah 1:5 that before he was ever formed in his mother’s womb that You had set him apart and ordained him. According to Psalm 139:16, that You ordained all of his days before one of them ever came into being, so not one day take You by surprise. We thank You that You have already given him the victory through Christ Jesus.”

Please pray for President Trump that he might surround himself with quality Bible teachers who will give him godly council about national policies while at the same time preaching to him faith in Jesus and repentance as a sign of saving grace.

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