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‘The View’ Changes Worship Song for Jesus into Anti-Trump Ballad

News Division

In celebrated blasphemy, Joy Behar and the ‘ladies’ at The View changed the lyrics to a worship song about Jesus and made it into an anthem calling for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump.

Democrats are godless, as their party platform and convention resolutions explicitly testify. Trying to find a legitimately Christian Democrat is like trying to find a Yahweh-follower in ancient Israel who regularly sacrificed children to Molech. And being godless, Democrats are blasphemous for little reason besides entertainment.

They simply do not understand holy and sacred things, whether it’s infants in the womb or religious songs designed to worship God.

Mario Cantone, a comedian, appeared on stage with a piano and sang to Behar (it was for her birthday) a song, “Impeach Trump,” which was a version of the Christmas classic song, “Joy to the World.”

The comedian also told the wicked woman that he got her “a pair of Spanx with Adam Schiff’s picture on it right on the buttocks so he’s always behind you.”

Then the blasphemy began…

The new lyrics were…

Joy to the world, the time has come

Inquire, Indict, Impeach!

Let every heart prepare his doom

He’s broken protocol

But stays above it all

Our POTUS is genius or neanderthal!

He rules the world or so says he

But there’s a great divide

While Scaramooch is turning and Little Schiff is flirting

His sycophants commence with Rudy on defense

And praise him with gold and myrrh and frankincense

Joy to the world, Pelosi stands

McConnell doubles down

The donkeys will unite, the elephants will fight

The House will say let’s go

The Senate will say no

The country will overdose on whistle-blow

He rules the world by tweet and meme

But we’ve got Twitter too

We log on to WiFi

And raise our mobiles high

We tweet impeach for Joy!

We tweet impeach for Joy!

We tweet, we tweet impeach for Joy!

For Democrats, politics is their religion, essentially an infertility cult. Their god is the state. Their sacrament is abortion. Their catechism is climate change. Their venial sins include guns and self-sufficiency. And their respect for the sacred is zero.