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Video: Climate Activists Try to Keep Man from Eating His Burger (Bad Idea)

[Editor’s Note: Language warning (we think, it’s hard to tell)]

From the looks of what happened on this video, it appears that anemic, veggie-fueled, pony-tailed soy-boys cannot stop a beef-fed man’s man from eating his burger. The video is carnivorously delicious.

Crying about so-called “Climate Change,” Marxist-minded protestors around the world are protesting Capitalism and basically any good or service that keeps humanity thriving.

Climate Change conspiracy theorists in England were trying to keep this man from going into a restaurant to buy a burger. One man had what looks like a “switch” or thin twig. Several men had hair in pony tails. The mob stood outside the restaurant as a blockade to keep people from going in.

However, this man, a bulky and broad-shoulder “pee-eth against the wall” type man, wouldn’t have it. He shouldered his way through the blockade even as the dainty leftists tried to grab onto him, but their limp wrists could not hold him back.

Nearly a dozen protestors tried to keep the large man, speaking what sounds like a deep Scottish accent, from accessing the restaurant. He pushed through like you would expect a man like that to push through men like them.

Once inside, the man ate his burger (with a side of testosterone). Somebody send that man an American citizenship application.

Don’t let these vegan chicken-little fairies boss you around, you freedom-loving, beef-consuming, God-fearers. Just walk right through them like this guy did.

You can have my burger when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.