Conservative Baptist Leaders Remove Tweets Endorsing Paula White’s Book

Paula White, a spiritual advisor to Donald Trump, is a prosperity preacher whose recent book was endorsed – and then unendorsed – by conservative Baptist leaders

After widespread outrage for tweeting endorsements for Paula White’s new book, a number of prominent conservative Christian leaders deleted their tweets.

Among the outraged were primarily progressive evangelicals who venerate other heretics, like Martin Luther King and James Cone. These leftists had an ax to grind with White, who serves as Trump’s spiritual adviser. However, conservatives were also annoyed by the men endorsing a prosperity teacher and NAR prophet, as you can see at Reformation Charlotte. Julie Roys, typically a fair and impartial Christian journalist, also made note of the travesty in her article, Leading Evangelicals Endorse Prosperity Preacher Paula White’s New Book.

Roys is, hands-down, one of the most effective investigative reporters in Christian journalism. Her article seems to have packed a punch, as her reporting usually does.

Roys reports…

Both Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham have removed their tweets endorsing White’s book.  I reached out to everyone except Laurie for comment. (Laurie removed his post before I had the chance to do that.) Graham’s press person responded that he is not available for comment. Jeffress called me today and I will be posting his response on Thursday. The others have not yet responded.

Pulpit & Pen is pleased that these men responded (so far) appropriately by deleting their endorsements of White’s book. They should follow-up and explain what, in particular, is troublesome about her theology so as to warn others and not be content with silence.

One day, progressives will care about heresy when it’s committed by someone other than a Trump adviser. In the meantime, sincere and honest contenders for the truth should be concerned when it comes from the right or the left.

Now that we’ve considered the heresies of Paula White, let’s all move on now to Beth Moore.