Spot-On: “Democrats’ God is the God of Their Imagination,” Says Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, appeared on the Fox Business Channel and then recently claimed that the Democrat’s god is the god of their imagination.

When asked about Pete Buttigieg (the homosexual Indiana mayor running for president) and his castigation of Christians who believe in immigration law and order, Jeffress played counterpoint, arguing that those who claim to hold to Christianity but support the Democratic talking points on faith are insincere in their convictions.

“God has given government the right and responsibility to establish laws, enforce those laws, and protect its citizens. And there’s nothing wrong, nothing unChristian, about government protecting its borders to protect its citizens.”

The Fox host then asked Jeffress about the DNC recently hiring an anti-Trump pastor, Derrick Harkins, to help sway evangelicals and if they had a credibility problem.

In response, Jeffress said, “Yes, it’s referred to as the ‘god problem’ of Democrats and it’s a very real problem they’re trying to remedy, but it’s a self-inflicted problem…It’s the Democrat party that tried to remove God from their platform a few years ago, they’ve removed God from their oath of office in many instances and now they want the faith votes…”

Jeffress continued, “…they want some faith votes so they’re pretending that they’re interested in God. In fact, you hear some of the Democrat contenders talk about their faith in God, but it’s not connecting with voters because the god they talk about is not the god of the Bible, but is the god of their imagination; a god who loves abortion and hates Israel, whereas the true God most Jews and Christians are familiar with is a God who hates abortion and loves Israel.”

Jeffress is, of course, spot-on.

You can watch the video below.