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Will the Covington Kids Now Sue Beth Moore?

[Reformation Charlotte] The Covington High School kid who was slandered and maligned on social media and mainstream news outlets settled with CNN in January while lawsuits against NBC Universal and the Washington Post are still pending. According to a report filed with the District Court in Covington, Nick Sandmann and his attorneys plan to sue five more … Read more

Beth Moore Says ‘Christlike Manhood’ Means Being Alone with Women

Beth Moore is basically the woman that men live on their housetops to avoid (Proverbs 21:9). She’s a dangerous and strange woman (Proverbs 5:3-23). Beth Moore is the silly wives-tale spinning busy-body the Bible warns Christians to avoid (1 Timothy 4:7). The domineering, tongue-rattling, leg-hiking, feminist evangelical icon is apparently trying to undo age-old advice … Read more

Joe Thorn Praises Beth Moore, Attacks John MacArthur, Says It’s a ‘Sin’ to Read Discernment Blogs

Joe Thorn, who pretends to be a “Reformed” pastor, tries to demonstrate his commitment to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith by having tattooed it on his ground-dragging knuckles. In reality, Thorn’s commitment to the Reformed faith seems as deep as the tattoo itself, as he regularly defends the most outrageously unbiblical teachers … Read more

Beth Moore Says People Against Social Justice Have “Nuts in a Jar”

Beth Moore turned heads today when on Twitter she gave her regular daily dose of crazy (her tweets are increasingly bizarre). A jar of nuts. The woman is literally insane. Those pushing the Marxist trend of “social justice” are quick to accuse traditional, freedom-loving Americans of not caring about justice. It is stunning that they … Read more

Beth Moore Toadie Says White People Like Hunting Because They Want to ‘Exert Power’ Over Things

An acolyte of Beth Moore who grew up living a privileged life in an upscale white suburb, Kyle J. Howard, claims that white people like to hunt because they want to exert control. He claimed that if white people can’t exert control over people, they’ll settle for exerting power over animals. Kyle J. Howard refers … Read more

Jeopardy! Apologizes for Correctly Noting that Bethlehem is in Israel

Pulpit & Pen reported that Jeopardy! rejected an answer from a contestant saying that Bethlem was in the non-existent place called “Palestine” in the article, What is Palestine? Wrong! It’s Called “Israel.” The game show has since reversed course after public outrage and apologized for rejecting the wrong answer. When asked where was the Church … Read more

Beth Moore and Christine Caine March Around Hospital 7 Times With Anointing Oil

Beth Moore and Hillsong-affiliated “Pastor” Christine Caine (who says Joyce Meyer is her spiritual mother) showed up to the hospital during Priscilla Shier’s surgery and marched around it seven times, like the Hebrews marched around Jericho (the hospital did not crumble down, thankfully). They also prayed throughout the halls with “anointing oil.” Caine is a … Read more

Audio: Beth Moore Trash-Talks John MacArthur, Calls His Position ‘Dumb, Absurd, Extreme’

In a recent podcast with Jamie Ivey on The Happy Hour podcast, Beth Moore described John MacArthur’s position on female pastors (that held by all conservative Christians and until recently, most Southern Baptists) “absurd,” “dumb,” and “extreme.” ‘It’s so absurd to say God would only use women in certain contexts,’ Beth said. The host, Jaimie … Read more

Video: Bethel Cult Members Chant to Resurrect Dead Child

Late last Friday, Bethel Church pastor, Bill Johnson, announced that it was time to let the baby girl be buried. Thanks to the superstition and witchcraft promoted by his cult, thousands of its members were hopeful that they could raise the child back to life by their ceaseless chanting. Here’s a video of one of … Read more

Olive Heiligenthal, Nabeel Qureshi, and Bethel Church: Still Dead

From Albert Mohler to the Washington Post, the death of Olive Heiligenthal is making news across the spectrum. Olive, the two-year-old daughter of Bethel Church Redding worship leader Kalley Heiligenthal died unexpectedly last Saturday night. Compounding the tragedy has been the vain, and well-publicized, attempts of Bethel Church’s congregation to resurrect the child through prayer. … Read more

Bethel Church Hires Lindsay Lohan Crisis Manager Over Dead Baby Controversy

What do you do when you’re a celebrity pastor with a crisis? You call Hunter Frederick to manage publicity for you. It’s what he does. Sources within Bethel Church have confirmed to Pulpit & Pen that Hunter Frederick, who has served as a crisis manager for Lindsay Lohan and disgraced pastor Perry Noble, was hired … Read more

Bethel’s Dead Raising Team Stinks | Polemics Report December 16, 2019

[BTWN Network ] On today’s podcast, JD talks about Bethel being unable to raise the dead, an African American pastor leaving the SBC over JD Greear’s compromises on homosexuality (somebody’s been reading P&P), and then onto Rosaria Butterfield blue-printing Revoice gay theology. TEXT or Leave a voice messageBTWN Feedback Line (320) BTWN – GUY For … Read more

Bethel Church ‘Dead Raising Team’ Fails to Save 2-Year-Old

In spite of having a dead-raising team who specialize in bringing the deceased back to life, Bethel Church was unable to resurrect a two-year-old despite repeated pleas for help from a leader of their church and music performance team. Jenn Johnson, who heads up Bethel Music and is a regular preacher at Bethel Church (pastored … Read more