Jeopardy! Apologizes for Correctly Noting that Bethlehem is in Israel

Pulpit & Pen reported that Jeopardy! rejected an answer from a contestant saying that Bethlem was in the non-existent place called “Palestine” in the article, What is Palestine? Wrong! It’s Called “Israel.” The game show has since reversed course after public outrage and apologized for rejecting the wrong answer.

When asked where was the Church of the Nativity, Katie Needle answered “What is Palestine?” but the question was rejected. Then contestant, Jack McGuire, questioned “What is Israel?” and was ruled to be correct.

Those who have a problem with geopolitical reality and geography and who suffer from an antisemitic bias threw a raging fit because they think “Palestine” is a country when in fact, it is not.

Jeopardy! has since posted an apology and retraction on its website.

It read, “In the process of taping this clue, “BUILT IN THE 300s A.D., THE CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY” we became aware that the clue was flawed as written and that determining an acceptable response would be problematic. In accordance with our rules and in the interest of fairness, we voided the clue and threw it out. We restored Katie’s and Jack’s scores to what they were prior to the clue.  The outcome of the game was not affected. We then continued the game with this replacement clue.”

They continued…

“Unfortunately, through human error in post-production, the uncorrected version of the game was broadcast. We regret the error and we will make every effort to ensure this never happens again.”

In fact, it was no error at all. Palestine is not recognized as a nation by the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and most of the European Union.

Simply put, the Church of the Nativity is in Israel.