Dental Assistant Fired for “Racism” After Posting Pro-Trump Facebook Status

Robyn Polak didn’t know that she was doing anything worthy of employment termination when she posted an innocent-enough Facebook comment in favor of President Donald Trump. Sadly, it led to her termination after someone complained of “racism” in an online review to her employer.

Polak’s Facebook comment read, “MAGA 2020.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reports that Polak posted the comment in a thread and afterward someone left a review for her employer, Precision Dental, that alleged, “employees spouting [sic] racist comments on Facebook.”

Robyn Polak

Precision Dental responded to the complaint and wrote in response, “I am so very sorry to have learned that this was posted. We are handling the situation in-house as we speak. I assure you that this office does not share those beliefs.”

Polak was then called by her employer and told, “We need to terminate you.”

She was told that there was a complaint about a Republican employee (although she was not named). Reportedly, she was the only Republican in the dental office so they knew it was her and terminated her immediately.

In spite of the public comment written on the review by Precision Dental expressing lament over Polak’s Trump 2020 comment, they proceeded to deny that they fired Polak over her political speech after receiving 14 negative reviews over the firing in the course of ten hours.

The dental office also refused to discuss the matter with the press, claiming, “Precision Dental MKE believes in the privacy of an employee’s terms of employment, retention or discharge. As a matter of course, Precision Dental MKE does not discuss employee personnel matters. Precision Dental MKE believes dentistry is nonpolitical.”

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