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“Trans Doll” Shows Up in Toy Shops

It is clear, from drag queen storytimes to gay propaganda in kids cartoons that the LGBTQ lobby is obsessed with children. In the latest news about the LGBTQ corruption of young people, a “trans doll” is showing up in toy stores in Europe.

The doll has a dress, pigtails, and male genitalia.

The Daily Star UK reports that the doll was first seen in the Planet of Toys store in Novosibirsk (Siberia). Ironically, LGBTQ children’s propaganda is heavily restricted in the nation, but apparently some devious scheme was hatched to circumvent the propaganda ban through toy stores.

Children are impressionable. They learn through play, and something like an anatomically incorrect doll is enough to confuse children and instill in them an anti-science predisposition.

One wonders why a doll has to have anatomical genital features at all.