Beth Moore Infuriated Social Media Gives ‘Little People’ A Voice

In a hysterical melt-down earlier today, social media siren and professional Twitter celebrity, Beth Moore, complained bitterly about normal, ordinary people being given the ability to speak on the platform. Beth Moore has repeatedly made the news by using her social media, but doesn’t think that regular people should have access to it because they abuse it.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Beth Moore had a public breakdown in social media. Moore, who seems to live her life in between tweets, disappeared from the platform last spring so mysteriously that it had some wondering if she was alright. Reportedly, she had to take a break because of her mental condition. That mental condition further became a matter of concern when she released a video of herself in a clearly unhinged, manic state later in the year.

Moore has used her social media to post a video with Christine Caine saying they were going to march around a hospital seven times to heal their friend, to call for President Trump’s impeachment, to attack “fundamentalists” (conservatives), to say that discernment readers had “low IQ,” and to explain she’s quiet on MLK Day because a black man told her she couldn’t talk because she’s white.

Beth Moore doesn’t want the plebes and proletariat to speak on Twitter, however. That’s reserved for celebrities like Beth herself.

She said…

She went on…

And finally…

Moore was lambasted on Twitter last year by thousands of godly women who questioned where she stood on homosexuality, which she absolutely refused to answer. Then, Moore attacked Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin as “hyper-fundamentalists” and receive a backlash. She has been engulfed in controversy almost regularly thanks to what is an almost daily barrage of insanely leftist, unbiblical, and nonsensical tweets.

It’s understandable that Moore wouldn’t want normal people to use social media and would characterize them as “hateful” and “slanderers.”

Beth Moore is somewhere between ancient Jezebel and Marie Antoinette, who wants to let the masses eat cake but not use Twitter or social media. Beth Moore’s daughter, who is as openly liberal as Jen Hatmaker, was publicly ecstatic when she thought Pulpit & Pen had been banned from Twitter.

Now, it seems, Beth Moore is unleashing fury on her critics for using the same platform she uses to display her crazy. Oddly enough, as Moore complains about people who stay angry, she stays pretty darn angry most of the time.

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