Beth Moore Calls Herself a Conservative and Attacks ‘Fundamentalists’ in Same Tweet

In a viral tweet over the weekend, Beth Moore called herself a “conservative,” much to the amusement of actual conservatives, and then, in characteristic double minded fashion, went on to speak like a liberal.

The Bible calls a double-minded person “unstable” (James 1:8) and Beth Moore’s recent videos show that her mental health may be breaking down before our eyes. This hasn’t stopped ‘woke’ evangelical leaders from using and abusing this female preacher in order to push their Social Justice agenda non-stop among the self willed women who comprise her following.

In an oddly contradictory tweet, Moore ‘spoke’ out of both sides of her mouth with an apparently schizophrenic understanding of the labels “conservative” and “fundamentalist.”

Rule #1. If you use the term “fundamentalist” as a pejorative, you are not a conservative.

In this tweet, Beth seems to be characterizing herself as a conservative. Yet in the last year, she has removed all references to the sin of sodomy in her books, refused to answer the question of whether or not homosexuality is wrong, has pushed for female preachers and pastors, has been a spokesperson for the Social Gospel, and accused everyone who believes homosexuality is a sin of being a “hyper-fundamentalist.

PREDICTION: Pulpit and Pen predicts that Moore is on a path to running off of the Baptist reservation altogether and becoming an Episcopalian or whatever on Earth Rachel Held Evans was before she went to hell.

Only a few years ago we would have predicted that Moore would have become a NAR charismatic, but her antipathy towards Trump and conservatism makes her unwelcome in that camp too. Now, it’s more likely she will start a cult with herself as a high priestess and Jonathan Merritt as the temple male prostitute.

In any case, Moore is looking for a way out of the ‘conservative’ circle that she’s been in since her beginning because it has largely and rightly marked her as a liberal. She wants out of her own camp but will blame the “fundamentalists” for making her reject the faith of her youth.

Moore went on to converse with the pusillanimous Alan Cross, who blamed “fundamentalists” for the decline of the SBC and scorned the idea that the decline is due to the Convention’s leftward drift.

I hate to ruin everybody’s good time delusion with the facts, but the statistical decline in the SBC started in the year 2001. Paige Patterson was president up and until 2000. Whatever the cause of the SBC decline, it can’t be blamed on the “fundamentalists.” It was thriving under their care, and it’s dying under the tutelage of Beth Moore.

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