New Video Exposes Albert Mohler as Driving Force Behind Critical Race Theory in SBC

Dr. E.S. Williams of Spurgeon’s own London Metropolitan Tabernacle has released a new video detailing the rise of Critical Race Theory in the Southern Baptist Convention. The video documents how all signs point to Albert Mohler as the driving force behind this sinister ideology.

While Mohler rejects CRT with his words, he is promoting all the leading figures who are aggressively injecting CRT into the bloodstream of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Williams is a revered teacher and incredibly respected brother-in-Christ and his across-the-pond perspective of American evangelism has given him a unique “big picture” vantage point of what’s happening.

Watch the video below.

JD interviewed Dr. Williams on the Patreon podcast, which you can listen to here if you’re a supporter. If you not, you can join and access the audio with Dr. Williams here.

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