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Ed Stetzer Invites Pro-Gay Speaker and ‘Nashville Statement’ Opponent to Billy Graham Center

Ed Stetzer, the disgraced former Lifeway executive who knowingly sold false Heaven Tourism books before being publicly exposed by Alex Malarkey, is now at the center of the leftist movement within evangelicalism. He’s now using hard-core leftist lady-preachers like Christine Caine and homosexuals like Wesley Hill to infiltrate Wheaton College, which now employs him.

Wesley Hill is a homosexual who publicly opposed the ‘Nashville Statement,’ which attempted (but largely fell short due to not condemning Same-Sex Attraction, although it did condemn Same-Sex behavior) to defend a Biblical view of human sexuality. Hill, who is gay, said the document is “antagonistic to the gospel” by opposing homosexual actions so straightforwardly.

Stetzer is having Hill speak to his group at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, College.


What does a gay man know about discipleship? He thinks that sanctification is “antithetical to the gospel.”

Stetzer took part in a Marxist think-tank meeting at Wheaton in April of 2018, in which Soros’ “rented evangelicals” took part, designed to brainstorm ways to keep Trump from being elected in 2020. Conservatives walked-out of that meeting when they discovered its real purpose.

Later, Stetzer defended pro-choice Wheaton students and their position on the subject of abortion. Stetzer has partnered Wheaton with radical evangelical feminists with horrible doctrine, Anne Voskamp (who wrote of making love to God) and Christine Caine. Then, Stetzer promoted George Soros’ immigration policies in Christianity Today.