Beth Moore and Christine Caine March Around Hospital 7 Times With Anointing Oil

Beth Moore and Hillsong-affiliated “Pastor” Christine Caine (who says Joyce Meyer is her spiritual mother) showed up to the hospital during Priscilla Shier’s surgery and marched around it seven times, like the Hebrews marched around Jericho (the hospital did not crumble down, thankfully). They also prayed throughout the halls with “anointing oil.”

Caine is a Word-Faith “pastor” who believes in little god theology and holds that she has the power to “decree and declare” things into existence by her speech. She and Beth Moore, a favorite preacher in the Southern Baptist Convention who is supported by SBC leaders like JD Greear, cackled through the halls like schoolgirls, declaring healing and performing charismatic charlantry healing stunts.


Beth Moore said, “In the cab on the way to the hospital where our friend is having surgery. Armed and dangerous. And yes we will no doubt march around the hospital 7 times like it’s Jericho.”

She continued, “We may stop short of praise dancing with banners in the waiting room.”