Beth Moore Throws Trump-like Insults, Says Pulpit & Pen’s Readers Are Low-IQ

In recent tweets, Beth Moore sent Trumpesque insults at Pulpit & Pen and insinuated that our one million monthly readers are mentally challenged.

Beth Moore, who appears to be manic in recent videos, is increasingly unstable. Moore has had a rough year, which might be affecting her mental health. She was pummeled by conservative Christian women for scrubbing her past material calling homosexuality a sin and now will only dodge the issue. She has been at the heart of a liberalizing progressive and feminist campaign in the SBC and it has no doubt been stressful on the weaker vessel.

In defense of Karen Swallow Prior, a radical, gay-affirming animal rights activist who says abortion is not murder who was recently hired at the newly ‘woke’ Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary – and in relation to this article written about her hiring that has been shared on Facebook more than 8 thousand times in the last few days – Moore hurled insults at Pulpit & Pen in a way spookily similar to Donald Trump’s characteristic Twitter trash talk.

Of course, if Moore doesn’t know any woman more “exemplary in the whole of evangelicalism” than Karen Swallow Prior – who endorsed Revoice, gay porn propaganda in public schools, and who says dogfighting bothers her more than abortion (click the links above for primary sources) – then it speaks to the condition of her mind.

But notice the insult toward P&P, “Pulpitiful and Pencilneck.”

“Pencil Neck” is a favorite insult of Donald Trump toward Adam Schiff, who’s heading up the impeachment inquiry. He has called Schiff that on Twitter, repeatedly on video, and his campaign is even selling t-shirts with that insult.

Not only is Moore lobbing Trump-like insults at this polemics ministry who has reported so much truth about her over the years, she is also insulting the intelligence of our many readers.

Moore claimed in the tweet that “no one with a brain cell” believes [Pulpit & Pen]. That includes more than one million monthly readers to our publication.

Of course, our evidence is always well-cited and if followed will go to primary sources. Where possible, screenshots, audio, and video are always provided. Plenty of people do read Pulpit & Pen, and many of them are seminary students and professors (our top readership comes from the cities of Louisville, Dallas/Ft.Worth, and Wake Forrest), and Southern Baptist pastors all around the United States.

Of course, Moore – like Akin – cannot say what specifically is wrong about Pulpit & Pen reporting regarding Karen Swallow Prior. they cannot be specific, because our reporting is honest and accurate.

Beth Moore is a mean and vindictive woman with a Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake” attitude toward the average and ordinary people in the church pew who care about Biblical discernment.