Beth Moore Says ‘Christlike Manhood’ Means Being Alone with Women

Beth Moore is basically the woman that men live on their housetops to avoid (Proverbs 21:9). She’s a dangerous and strange woman (Proverbs 5:3-23). Beth Moore is the silly wives-tale spinning busy-body the Bible warns Christians to avoid (1 Timothy 4:7).

The domineering, tongue-rattling, leg-hiking, feminist evangelical icon is apparently trying to undo age-old advice for married men to not be alone with other women.

It shouldn’t surprise us, considering her gal-pal Karen Swallow Prior attacked Mike Pence over refusing to meet alone with women. Before Mike Pence it was called The Billy Graham Rule. And that rule has been taught to young men – and especially pastors – long before Billy Graham.

Redefining “Christlike Manhood” to mean whatever she wants it to mean while clutching a Louis Vuitton bag in one hand and an elastator in the other, Moore claimed that biblical masculinity requires men being alone with women.

How about “no.”

Heck no.

Let’s ask the Old Testament’s Joseph if it was wise to be alone with Potifar’s wife. I suspect he’d say no.

Get this right: Beth Moore is a champion of the #ChurchToo feminist movement that says we always have to believe women who cry rape – even when there’s no evidence.

She also demands that men be alone with women. No offense, but it seems like a trap.

In the meantime, women, it seems like Beth Moore is after your man. She’s literally goading him to be alone with her or any other number of strange women. She’s a seductress, whether physical or spiritual – and full of really, really bad advice. Avoid her.