Joe Thorn Praises Beth Moore, Attacks John MacArthur, Says It’s a ‘Sin’ to Read Discernment Blogs

Joe Thorn, who pretends to be a “Reformed” pastor, tries to demonstrate his commitment to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith by having tattooed it on his ground-dragging knuckles. In reality, Thorn’s commitment to the Reformed faith seems as deep as the tattoo itself, as he regularly defends the most outrageously unbiblical teachers and attacks the most faithful.

The booze-swilling, carnal-minded, culture-slumming lilliputian was interviewed on the Babylon Bee podcast, of the popular satire website. Unfortunately, his jaw-dropping, liberal-dripping interview was not satire.

In the podcast interview, Joe Thorn defended Beth Moore and said he had no idea why people don’t like her (for the record, it’s her backpedaling on homosexuality, nauseating feminism, and political liberalism…also, she regularly claims to be a prophet who hears directly from God and says insanely idiotic things on a regular basis). Then, Thorn went on to say he doesn’t listen to John MacArthur because he’s “mean.”

Rounding out the interview summary, Thorn likened Pulpit & Pen to homosexuals who hit on him (he said he was flattered, leaving us to wonder why so many gays feel comfortable hitting on him), claimed it was a sin to read Pulpit & Pen, and claimed it was a sin to drink one form of alcohol over another.

We kid you not.

The host of the Babylon Bee podcast wondered aloud if Pulpit & Pen was engaging in some sort of funny-business because we always show up first on Google searches. In reality, Pulpit & Pen is the third furthest-reaching and most well-read Christian news site in the United States. He claimed, laughably, “not that many are reading discernment blogs.”

Sure. They’re just talking about us on their podcast. But, you know…nobody reads discernment blogs.

You can listen to Joe Thorn say extraordinarily dumb things here.

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