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"Moore" fellowship with darkness.

By now, everyone knows that Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, leans socially progressive. Moore has, on multiple occasions, partnered with left-leaning organizations on behalf of the SBC in order to advance political, as well as theological, positions through government. Moore is well known for his collaboration with the apostate Roman Catholic church in his endeavors to promote traditional marriage, anti-abortion legislation, and more. So it comes as no surprise that Moore is now joining forces with the liberal Baptist denomination, The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, in order to push for legislation banning predatory lending habits by pay-day lenders.

Russell Moore signs Ecumenical Defense of Marriage Statement

Released April 23, 2015, was “The Defense of Marriage and the Right of Religious Freedom: Reaffirming a Shared Witness,” an ecumenical document signed by Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberties Committee. The document, which stated a secular defense of marriage, was also signed by several other Protestant and Evangelical leaders, as well as Mormon, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic leaders across the United States. While the premise of the document appears noble, here in lies the same problem with ecumenism, in which Russell Moore is well known for: compromising the Gospel for the sake of unity.

Watch Queens on the Wall: Ted Cruz and Russell Moore Bungle Christian Response to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexual Law

On May 26th 2023, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed into law The Anti-Homosexual Act.  This law not only criminalizes homosexual acts but the promotion of homosexuality itself.  The act has overwhelming support in Uganada’s government, having been passed by its parliament by a vote of 348-1.  Outside of Uganda, however, the law has been severely … Read more

Russell Moore, Tyler Zach, and the Gospel For Enneagram

Russell Moore, the former President of the ERLC and the current Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today, is a featured speaker at the upcoming (and virtual) Gospel for Enneagram Summit in April 2023. Given his extensive theological education and experience, Moore should know better than to shill for something as wicked as the Enneagram, which is either … Read more

Beth Moore Falsely Claims ‘White Supremacy’ is Running Rampant in ‘Much of the Church’

False teacher Beth Moore, a woman who may soon rise to become Southern Baptist Convention President if the woke scoldettes of the SBC have anything to say about it, has again garnered the praise of the condemned and the condemnation of the praiseworthy when she tweeted out a string of posts claiming that among other … Read more

Beth Moore Doesn’t Want You To Preach or Share The Gospel at The Protests

Beth Moore has been relatively silent through most of the last week’s protests and riots, with only a few general comments here and there. She supports the protest, of course, and in fact, informs that many of the staff at Livin Proof Ministries have been marching, and she hopes to join them soon. But as … Read more

Christian Post Takes Beth Moore to Woodshed for Her Liberal Hypocrisy

In a fantastic article today, the Christian Post lambasted wild-eyed prophet and feminist warrior, Beth Moore, for her woefully apparent liberal hypocrisies. The article, written by Laura Murphy, was truly word-candy for America’s conservative evangelicals who have grown tired of her thoughtless liberalisms, moral preenings, and soulless virtue-signaling. Entitled Beth Moore and Double Standards for … Read more

Contact Us: Beth Moore, God, and the Hairbrush

One of popular Southern Baptist Bible teacher Beth Moore’s favorite stories to tell in that of brushing the hair of elderly man at the Asheville, North Carolina airport. According to her story Beth Moore received a direct and articulate message from God in her heart ordering her to brush hair of the old man, who … Read more

Beth Moore Openly Affirms Woman Pastrix

If you can picture a crazed woman, who, having managed to scuttle atop a Chick-fil-A rooftop, is now alternating between throwing rocks down upon irritated patrons below and urinating on them as they pass by, all while the police watch, sit back, and stand down, then congrats, you’ve accurately surmised the state of the SBC … Read more

Russell Moore Begs Government to Release Unvaccinated Illegals During Pandemic

Russell Moore is the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), a progressive-liberal social justice organization that lately has been shaming pastors for keeping their churches open. Moore is a communitarian and former Democratic activist who once said he wishes his wife was more like Hillary Clinton. Moore has partnered … Read more

Will the Covington Kids Now Sue Beth Moore?

[Reformation Charlotte] The Covington High School kid who was slandered and maligned on social media and mainstream news outlets settled with CNN in January while lawsuits against NBC Universal and the Washington Post are still pending. According to a report filed with the District Court in Covington, Nick Sandmann and his attorneys plan to sue five more … Read more

Russell Moore Using ERLC Manchurian Blog to Attack SBC Executive Board

As Pulpit & Pen explained in the article, Russell Moore’s Supporters All Have One Thing in Common: They’re on the ERLC’s Teat, Russell Moore has been handing out Cooperative Program-funded treats to SBC bloggers for years, building an astroturf network of blogs to attack people at his bidding. By handing out appointments, positions, and speaking … Read more

Beth Moore Says ‘Christlike Manhood’ Means Being Alone with Women

Beth Moore is basically the woman that men live on their housetops to avoid (Proverbs 21:9). She’s a dangerous and strange woman (Proverbs 5:3-23). Beth Moore is the silly wives-tale spinning busy-body the Bible warns Christians to avoid (1 Timothy 4:7). The domineering, tongue-rattling, leg-hiking, feminist evangelical icon is apparently trying to undo age-old advice … Read more