Beth Moore Openly Affirms Woman Pastrix

If you can picture a crazed woman, who, having managed to scuttle atop a Chick-fil-A rooftop, is now alternating between throwing rocks down upon irritated patrons below and urinating on them as they pass by, all while the police watch, sit back, and stand down, then congrats, you’ve accurately surmised the state of the SBC when it comes to Beth Moore.

This spectacle was on full display recently when Beth Moore continued her provocative comments about the role and nature of pastors in the SBC. While usually more sneaky and veiled in her assertions about these sort of things – an oft used tactic so that she can have plausible deniability when someone asks her to account for this questionable commentary – this specific tweet was far more overt.

Moore was responding to a self-styled prophetess and ordained female pastrix lamenting the difficulties and challenges of shepherding her new flock. Beth took the time to affirm her in her role and encouraged her by declaring that God equips those he calls to the pastorate.

Of course, despite her deliberate turning the cranks of the faithful laypeople who have no patience for her advocacy of the squishiest form soft-complementarianism possible, she persists. The fact that this is completely incompatible with the Baptist Faith And Message is inconsequential. Moore’s tweet won’t be deemed sufficiently problematic for the SBC leadership to actually do or say anything about it.

In fact, it won’t even raise an eyebrow or make their eyes twitch. Rather they’ll circle the wagons around their precious blond-haired future SBC president, tossing her up bags of gravel and water bottles to help her reload, keep hydrated, and continue her terroristic ways.

Pastrix Saunders, for her part, has been continuing to support Beth Moore. The nature of her comments suggests she knows exactly what’s up.

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