Texas County Denies Entry Into Grocery Stores If You Don’t Wear A Facemask

A Texas county Judge has declared that no one may buy or sell goods, including food purchases and groceries, if they don’t wear a facemask when entering the store.

Titus county Judge Brian Lee, who we wrote about recently when he sent out an announcement that any church or business that wishes to be open to the public must post a detailed action plan outside their business stating how they are complying with their local COVID-19 ordinances, with threats of fines and jail time for non-compliance, posted the new order on his Facebook page yesterday afternoon.

Not only are all residents required to wear masks in stores, but it is also stated that even if you are in a state park and are practising social distancing, and “there is nobody around,” you must also wear a mask.

Given the incredibly high demand and scarcity of N95 masks, many residents in Titus county are worried about how they will shop for groceries given they simply can’t find them, with one resident lamenting “We don’t have any masks. I can’t find one anywhere, and the stores won’t provide them, what am I supposed to do?”

In response to these objections, the Judge directed people towards a DIY solution, saying “bananas, scarves, t-shirts, worn-out clothing, all can be turned into some kind of facial covering. There are how-to videos out there all over the internet.”

We’ve reached out to Judge Brian Lee for a comment and will update this post accordingly.

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