Christian Post Takes Beth Moore to Woodshed for Her Liberal Hypocrisy

In a fantastic article today, the Christian Post lambasted wild-eyed prophet and feminist warrior, Beth Moore, for her woefully apparent liberal hypocrisies. The article, written by Laura Murphy, was truly word-candy for America’s conservative evangelicals who have grown tired of her thoughtless liberalisms, moral preenings, and soulless virtue-signaling.

Entitled Beth Moore and Double Standards for Joe Biden, Murphy points out what many people have been saying: Beth Moore’s commitment to calling out abuse stops at the Republican Party, and Democrats are off-limits for her criticisms.

Murphy writes of Beth Moore’s insistence that Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump accusers be not only listened to but believed, but her silence regarding quite credible accusations toward Joe Biden…

If Moore is consistent, and her allegations about the evangelical culture are true, will her apparent “disregard” of Biden’s accuser “enable” Biden’s rise? Moore admitted that “the target of her scorn is an evangelical culture that downplays the voices and experiences of women.” But is she not contributing to the very culture to which she speaks of with her own silence as to the allegation against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden?

Ouch. And yet, Murphy’s observations are astute. Beth Moore only criticizes Republicans, and Democrats are altogether off-limits to the Social Justice Warrior.

Murphy continues…

While Moore’s Twitter account reveals disdain and contempt for this president, it is nothing but crickets when it comes to the Democratic presidential nominee.

And again…

Moore and other “evangelical leaders” can’t tweet fast enough when it comes to their condemnations of this president or other Republicans, but their Twitter feeds are silent when it involves the Democratic nominee.

Bam. And again to add insult to injury…

Moore’s love and support for King David, who incidentally committed adultery with Bathsheba and later arranged for her husband’s murder in light of the adulterous affair, did not stop Moore from compiling a comprehensive study on this revered biblical politician and leader. Moore gave King David a second chance, perhaps President Trump is worthy of one as well.

One wonders if Murphy knows that Moore would vehemently disagree with her characterization of David’s interactions with Bathsheba to be an “affair.” Moore, along with other ‘woke’ activists like professional and profiteering victim, Rachael Denhollender, have promoted a theory originating with a pro-abortion third-wave feminist that David raped Bathsheba. Moore turned the Biblical account of adultery and a hussy-seductress into a #metoo story.

Despite God punishing Bathsheba and the Bible later saying that David’s marital intercourse with her comforted her, Moore continues to hold to the liberal victim-narrative of the Biblical account.

If Murphy did know Moore’s take on the Bible story, well, it’s a kind of pain that can only be inflicted by another woman because that hurts.