Russell Moore Using ERLC Manchurian Blog to Attack SBC Executive Board

As Pulpit & Pen explained in the article, Russell Moore’s Supporters All Have One Thing in Common: They’re on the ERLC’s Teat, Russell Moore has been handing out Cooperative Program-funded treats to SBC bloggers for years, building an astroturf network of blogs to attack people at his bidding. By handing out appointments, positions, and speaking gigs to bloggers, Moore is making it appear that his bought-off minions speak for people in the pew.

That article demonstrated that SBC Voices is the proverbial Manchurian Blog of the ERLC, as its owner-operator and its contributors are virtually all appointees to boards by Russell Moore.

Moore weaponizes his acolytes, who he feeds with bribes from the SBC Spoils System and the whopping 4 million dollars of SBC money at his disposal. We wrote about this in the article, ERLC Removes Public List of Research Fellows After Pulpit & Pen Article Comes Out.

SBC Voices is called “the ERLC Manchurian Blog” because like the Manchurian Candidate from pop-culture, it is owned and operated – deceptively – by a puppetmaster, even though it looks to be independent.

The Manchurian Blog is now attacking Executive Committee chair, Mike Stone, for launching an investigation into how the ERLC’s liberalism is affecting Cooperative Program giving (the teat from which all denominational piglets suck).

Accusing Stone of all sorts of wrong-doing and thrusting upon him undue suspicions and personal integrity attacks, blogger Dave Miller (who was appointed to an ERLC board by Russell Moore) ruthlessly wields Russell Moore’s hatchet toward Brother Stone’s knees throughout the article.

It should suffice to warn Southern Baptists that these are not the independent thoughts of Dave Miller. These are the words and actions of Russell Moore – an SBC entity head – toward another entity head in the SBC tasked with stewarding denominational resources.

Laughably, Miller accuses anyone claiming Russell Moore is a liberal to be a “liar.” We weren’t the ones who wished our wives were more like Hillary Clinton. For more on Moore’s text-book liberalism, click here.

It’s indisputable.