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Russell Moore signs Ecumenical Defense of Marriage Statement

Released April 23, 2015, was “The Defense of Marriage and the Right of Religious Freedom: Reaffirming a Shared Witness,” an ecumenical document signed by Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberties Committee. The document, which stated a secular defense of marriage, was also signed by several other Protestant and Evangelical leaders, as well as Mormon, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic leaders across the United States. While the premise of the document appears noble, here in lies the same problem with ecumenism, in which Russell Moore is well known for: compromising the Gospel for the sake of unity.

Russell Moore, Tyler Zach, and the Gospel For Enneagram

Russell Moore, the former President of the ERLC and the current Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today, is a featured speaker at the upcoming (and virtual) Gospel for Enneagram Summit in April 2023. Given his extensive theological education and experience, Moore should know better than to shill for something as wicked as the Enneagram, which is either … Read more

Russell Moore Begs Government to Release Unvaccinated Illegals During Pandemic

Russell Moore is the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), a progressive-liberal social justice organization that lately has been shaming pastors for keeping their churches open. Moore is a communitarian and former Democratic activist who once said he wishes his wife was more like Hillary Clinton. Moore has partnered … Read more

Russell Moore Using ERLC Manchurian Blog to Attack SBC Executive Board

As Pulpit & Pen explained in the article, Russell Moore’s Supporters All Have One Thing in Common: They’re on the ERLC’s Teat, Russell Moore has been handing out Cooperative Program-funded treats to SBC bloggers for years, building an astroturf network of blogs to attack people at his bidding. By handing out appointments, positions, and speaking … Read more

Russell Moore Supporters All Have One Thing in Common: They’re On the ERLC’s Teat

A quick survey of social media and blogs strongly defending Russell Moore and the Southern Baptist Convention reveals that they all have one thing in common. They are on the teat of the SBC spoils system and are compensated by Russell Moore. Like baby pigs suckling on the mother sow, these seemingly run-of-the-mill supporters of … Read more

Russell Moore Says Abortion Isn’t a Political Issue, Don’t Worry About How You Vote

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is led by an insufferable Democrat quisling, Russell Moore, who says he wishes his wife was a Democrat and more like Hillary Clinton. While weaponizing their “research fellows” over the March for Life weekend to attack Donald Trump for being pro-life, the … Read more

Russell Moore Discusses ‘Social Gospel’ in New Video, Spectacularly Butchers the Topic

Russell Moore took to his new YouTube channel, which up until now has been used to discuss aliens, evangelizing clones, and bizarre, technology-focused conspiracy theories, to discuss “Social Gospel.” In doing so, Moore spends eleven minutes saying very little, and what he does manage to say is historically and objectively wrong. BACKGROUND Social Gospel is … Read more

Russell Moore Favorably Cites Eugenicist, Asks About Preaching to “Human Clones”

Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) recently asked in a blog post whether or not we should consider baptizing robots. He was serious. We’ve been reporting on the bizarre nature of Moore’s work at the ERLC, which other than fighting for open borders … Read more

Russell Moore Sends Out ERLC Colleagues to Call Jerry Falwell Jr. a “Clown, Creep”

As previously reported by Pulpit & Pen, Jerry Falwell, Jr., recently took Russell Moore to the woodshed. Falwell, a no-nonsense conservative, knows what any other astute political observer knows; Russell Moore is a Democratic operative and social progressive who uses his religious position to promote a liberal agenda. After Falwell rightfully challenged Dr. Moore’s credentials … Read more

Russell Moore’s Slippery Terms

National Public Radio—the organization that speaks of infanticide as “women’s rights” issue—seems like a strange place for a pastor to go in order to talk about problems within the church. After all, we are to judge the things of this world, not be judged by the world (1 Cor. 6:3). But on February 16th Russell … Read more

Russell Moore: SBC Churches Need to Disciple the Transgender

[Reformation Charlotte] One of the new sexually perverted infiltrations in the Church now is the softening stance on gender identity. The influence is coming in through homosexual activists like Sam Allberry, who recently held a conference at Ravi Zacharias institute on “gender” and suggested that traditional gender roles are partly responsible for the influx of … Read more

Russell Moore says it’s “Culturally Stereotypical views of Masculinity and Femininity” that Fuels Transgenderism

[Leah MarieAnn Klett | The Christian Post] At some point, every church and ministry will deal with a transgender individual or issues surrounding transgenderism. Thus, Christians need to understand the “larger question” behind the transgender debate, said leading Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore. Moore recently shared what every Christian should know about transgenderism — and why he … Read more

Russell Moore Defends Catholic Celibacy in Light of Baptist Abuse Scandal

The ERLC president, Russell Moore, responded to the recent Southern Baptist sex abuse report and in doing so, seemed to defend the Romanist church regarding their teaching on priest celibacy. The leftist-progressive Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention was pre-positioned and poised perfectly to capitalize on the news as the … Read more

Russell Moore Silent on Trump’s Defense of the Unborn

Russell Moore attacked Donald Trump so vehemently and relentlessly during the presidential primary (Moore had the entire ERLC turned into a shameless Rubio PAC), that Trump referred to him as a “very nasty guy with no heart.” Perhaps Trump knew that Moore, even then, was a financial partner of George Soros. Regardless, it seems that … Read more