Baptist Press Praises ‘Top Worship Songs’; Every Single One from Heretical Artists

When folks need discernment they know not to trust the Southern Baptist Convention’s public-relations arm, the Baptist Press. The fake news publication, which masquerades as journalism, serves the purpose of “pumping sunshine” on denominational affairs because it’s not an independent publication but is operated by the SBC Executive Committee.

Most recently, the Baptist Press ran an article praising Contemporary Christian Music’s (CCM) top-ten worship songs for being congregational-driven songs.

They were almost all produced by heretics. Nobody ever accused SBC leadership of caring much about theology, unfortunately.

Lauding a Fox News article on the top ten Christian songs on the streaming service, Spotify, the Baptist Press praises songs written by troublesome artists.

These songs, which the Baptist Press says represents the best of Christian music, includes:

Lauren Daigle’s song, “You Say.” Daigle claimed she “wasn’t sure” if homosexuality was a sin in 2018 (it’s 2020 and she still says it’s too murky to make a biblical judgment).

Cory Asbury’s song “Reckless Love” (which discernment ministries warned you about). Asbury is with the chicken-feather-flying, glitter-pouring Bethel cult in Redding, California.

Several songs by Hillsong United, from the gay-affirming charismatic and pedophile-protecting Australian cult.

Elevation Worship’s “Do It Again.” This group is a part of Steven Furtick’s insanely unorthodox organization. By the way, Furtick is a modalist now.

These artists comprise the top-ten list lauded by the Baptist Press. All of these groups engage in the heresy-peddling strategy called the Arian Snare (or Snarianism, for short).

For more information on why serious Christians avoid music by the groups, check out the article, Why Hillsong Music is Dangerous for Your Church.