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Furtick’s ‘Elevation Church’ Cancels Service to Focus on New Years Eve Party

For worshippers at Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church this Sunday, there will be no worship. They have canceled services in order to focus on preparing for a big New Years Eve bash. Please note to attendees: Whatever this party consists of, childcare is not provided. The Facebook post says, “There will be NO WORSHIP EXPERIENCES on … Read more

Furtick Boasts In Doubting Jesus; Says Nobody Fully Believes

Steven Furtick recently preached a message to his congregation, stating that he had doubts in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Furthermore, he claimed that no one in the congregation fully believed these things. You can watch the video, with commentary and explanation provided below. When discussing the “Sinner’s Prayer” given at the end … Read more

Furtick-ology: Kinda Like Theology, Only Different … And Wrong

Steven Furtick recently preached a “sermon” to encourage his members to be patient. Well, more correctly, Furtick delivered a motivational speech on why God is not promptly delivering the fulfillment of desires in compliance with the “harvest season on your schedule.” While patience is a laudable topic for pastoral teaching, when Furtick does it – … Read more

Steven Furtick Rebukes Pastor for Telling New Converts ‘I Believe Without a Doubt that Jesus is Lord’

Editor’s note. Apparently, this story came out in early 2018, but received little traction and barely a mention. The story was written up before we were able to place the clip. It is not current, but it has value in being achieved. Posting for posterity. Steven Furtick has corrected and rebuked a campus pastors for … Read more

TNB drops Millionaire Heretic Kenneth Copeland after 40 years, Picks up Millionaire Heretic Steven Furtick

Trinity Broadcasting Network, the hive of scum and villainy where discernment goes to die and sheep butchers merrily go out on daily flock-fleecing expeditions, announced that after 40 years of partnering with arch-heretic Kenneth Copeland and his Believer’s Voice of Victory program, that they were taking old bessie out to pasture in “pursuit of a new … Read more

T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick Conference is only $1000

Looking to blow a bunch of cash on listening to a trinity-denying heretic and his best pal talk about “leadership?” Well, you’re in luck. Modalist T.D Jakes is hosting The 2021 International Leadership Summit (ILS), which will be a “transformative experience for those of you who are ready to become a more agile, effective leader … Read more

Steven Furtick’s Wardrobe Costs More Than Your House

The Instagram account Preachersnsneakers has been on a roll lately, showcasing the excesses of celebrity Christian pastors by identifying the clothing they’re wearing on stage and trying to figure out how much they retail for. It’s a great shrine to the love of filthy lucre, as where else can you see Ed Young Jr. wearing … Read more

Founders Min. Blogger Defends Furtick, Says ‘Faith and Message’ Doesn’t Forbid Modalism

How bad can the Southern Baptist Downgrade get? Defending Steven Furtick, a blogger for Founders Ministries claimed on social media today that Modalism isn’t forbidden by the Baptist Faith and Message, the denomination’s statement of faith. Chris Bolt, an avid defender of the gay-affirming and abortionist-defending Karen Swallow Prior, made the comments on Twitter. Bolt … Read more

Steven Furtick Says Jesus Cannot Override Your Unbelief

The heresy of Pelagianism is named after its founder, Pelagius of the (354-420). Pelagius argued that Original Sin (the Fall of Mankind in Adam) did not so corrupt man’s nature that it left man incapable of choosing God and salvation without a special work of God in or through him. In other words, Pelagius believed … Read more

Steven Furtick Preaches from Non-Existent Bible Verse

Steven Furtick, who named a book “Unqualified” in reference to John MacArthur’s assessment of him, preached a sermon from a non-existent Bible verse. Oddly enough, before preaching from the verse as though it were Inspired Writ (and allegorizing the text at that), Furtick acknowledged that the older (and better) manuscripts do not have the verse. … Read more

Possibly the Scariest Steven Furtick Video Ever?

Steven Furtick goes on a 49-second rampage stating that the devil “ties us up” because “he is so afraid of what might happen to him if we got loose,” because we are just “so important to God’s purpose.” For more on Steven Furtick, see here: Discernment Database – Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick Claims Jesus is “Sneaky”

“I’ve heard of the strength of Jesus. I’ve heard about the sovereignty of Jesus…Nobody ever talks about how sneaky Jesus was. You’re looking at me strange…” Charismatics have been adding to the attribtues of God. Usually, when someone speaks of the nature of God, they stick to attributes like omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, immutability, sovereignty, or … Read more

Steven Furtick Joins with Word-Faith Rod Parsley and Prosperity Posse

Steven Furtick’s transition from string-bean adolescent preacher to muscled, vein-bulging inspirational speaker hasn’t been his only evolution. The preacher chords he added as musical accompaniment on cue to his preaching and his increasingly African American stylistic vocal inflections have created a celebrity pastor almost unrecognizable to his former self. One of the few things that … Read more