Founders Min. Blogger Defends Furtick, Says ‘Faith and Message’ Doesn’t Forbid Modalism

How bad can the Southern Baptist Downgrade get? Defending Steven Furtick, a blogger for Founders Ministries claimed on social media today that Modalism isn’t forbidden by the Baptist Faith and Message, the denomination’s statement of faith.

Chris Bolt, an avid defender of the gay-affirming and abortionist-defending Karen Swallow Prior, made the comments on Twitter.

Bolt (who we’ve previously written about here) was referring to Steven Furtick’s apparent denial of the Holy Trinity in a recent sermon, as reported by Reformation Charlotte.

“Modalism” is the heresy that denies the Holy Trinity and asserts that the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity are mere modes of one divine Person.

Orthodox Christianity, to contrast, believes that the One Triune God consists of three distinct persons, all co-equal and co-eternal. Modalists believe, to put in other words, that there is only One Person, who manifests himself in three different ways and at different times. This is what was preached by Furtick.

The Founders’ Blogger claimed (tweet above) that it is not technically outside the BF&M2000.

He’s wrong. He’s very, very wrong.

The BF&M200 reads in Article II…

The eternal triune God reveals Himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with distinct personal attributes, but without division of nature, essence, or being.

Southern Baptist leadership reminds us regularly that we’re to find unity in adherence to the Baptist Faith & Message. If that doctrinal statement doesn’t even affirm the Holy Trinity, then what good is it?

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