Steven Furtick’s ‘Church’ Calls Cops on People Preaching Gospel Lawfully from Sidewalk

You can hear the nightclub-type sounds coming from the doors of Elevation Church campus in Winston-Salem. Some well-meaning and seemingly reasonable open air evangelists were politely handing out tracts with the face and words of Charles Spurgeon. This is, in reality, a great idea, considering that a long line of young people waiting to get into Elevation Church is a wonderful place to find lost people.

The Gospel simply isn’t preached at Elevation Church. It has become a weekly motivational seminar, a religion Ponzi scheme, in which people are preached a prosperity message of self-actualization. In the video, you can see the writhing and dancing among the people who clearly did not want to be handed the Gospel tracts. In clearest terms, the Gospel was not wanted. Steven Furtick was wanted, and they were eager to hear him, even though he would appear on a screen.

The message preached by the evangelist, who is unknown to Pulpit & Pen, seems entirely Biblical and included the death, burial and resurrection and call to faith and repentance. They also explained the difference between the Bible’s Gospel and the faux-gospel of prosperity they would hear inside. One listener “went ballistic” upon reading the tract. The tract contained the “good person test,” which explains their need for a savior, and a security guard threw a fit.

Trying to reason with the crowd, explaining that Furtick endorses TD Jakes and preaches the prosperity gospel, the evangelists’ message of “repent and believe” was not warmly received. The security soon called police who claimed that they cannot pass out tracts because they didn’t “have a permit.” Of course, permits aren’t required to speak freely in America (at least from public property).

You can watch the video below.

Whoever these guys are…good on them.


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