Peter S. Ruckman Murders Self, After Killing His Two Sons

  1. Peter Ruckman was the founder of the Pensacola Bible Institute, an ardent Independent Fundamental Baptist and KJV-onliest. Ruckman passed away in April of 2016. Charisma Mag claimed today that Ruckman was an “anti-charismatic,” but in reality Ruckman was a Continuationist, believing that the King James Bible was a more sure and more perfect revelation than that which God originally inspired in Greek or Hebrew, a belief some call “Delayed Revelation.” Alpha and Omega Ministries’ James White offered to debate Ruckman on KJV-onlyism in 1995 and 1996, but his offer was rejected.

Sadly, it has now been reported that his son, named Peter S. Ruckman, has murdered his two sons (ages 12 and 14) before murdering himself.

According to the Chicago Sun Times:

Sheriff’s deputies responded Saturday morning to the home near Rockford after Ruckman’s ex-wife reported she wasn’t able to contact him. They found the two boys shot in separate bedrooms, while the man was in a third bedroom

Ruckman himself was a long-time political science professor at Rock Valley College and an instructor at Northern Illinois University. He last taught a course at NIU in spring 2017. The boys were students at Rockford Christian schools.

The president of Rock Valley College said in a press release:

The Rock Valley College community is devastated by the news of the tragic deaths of Peter Ruckman and his two children,” says Doug Jensen, president of Rock Valley College. “Our deepest sympathies go out to the family, friends and colleagues of Professor Ruckman and his children at this difficult time.”

Please pray for this very sad situation.

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