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Beth Moore Falsely Claims ‘White Supremacy’ is Running Rampant in ‘Much of the Church’

False teacher Beth Moore, a woman who may soon rise to become Southern Baptist Convention President if the woke scoldettes of the SBC have anything to say about it, has again garnered the praise of the condemned and the condemnation of the praiseworthy when she tweeted out a string of posts claiming that among other things:

White Supremacy has held tight in much of the church for so long because the racists outlasted the anti-racists.

While her supporters claim she must have ice-water running through her veins for being able to stand up against The Racist and Sexist Church™, it’s apparent that said “ice-water” might as well be a mixture of Red Bull and Monster given how woke she’s become.

Moore begs the question without offering a shred of support for her claims, playing word games where she proactively paints anyone disagreeing with her as the very thing she’s speaking out. This makes anyone responding negatively to this little morsel of bethmoorian nastiness to be just proving her point.

Moore adjures her listeners not to enter into the “name-calling war” while in the same breath announcing that the church by and large is filled with racists and white supremacists, surely not very nice names to call people.

Also, where on earth does she worship? What churches is she going to that are chock full of white supremacists and KKK fanboys? This declaration that this is the state of the church is completely foreign and outside the experience of the vast majority of Christendom.

If it is indeed true, then where is her evidence for these broad, sweeping generalizations she makes about the nature of the church? If “white supremacy has held tight in much of the church” then surely it would be easy to name names and call out the racists? Wouldn’t racism in the church be literally everywhere?

We get the sense that given how this SBC Darling understands and defines “racism” and “white supremacy,” through the eyes of critical race theory and progressive perspectives, that we already know the answer.

Editors Note. If you want to get an in-depth understanding of why Beth Moore is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad false teacher and theologian, then check out this recently published book on her by G. Seth Dunn.