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Liberty U President Jerry Falwell Jr. to take ‘Indefinite Leave of Absence’

Embattled Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. has been asked to immediately take an “indefinite leave of absence” by the Executive Committee of Liberty University’s Board of Trustees, according to a press release by the school.

The drastic move comes after Falwell was caught engaging in some tomfoolery of the highest order – specifically, a “Trailer Park Boy’s” themed yacht party where he posed with pants unzipped with another woman, also pants unzipped.

He later went on air in an interview to give context to the party, where he did not apologize but doubled and tripled down on his wretched and unbecoming behavior, seeming like he was either drunk or on drugs as he gave his muddled and incoherent justification.

We also wrote about other sexually perverse shenanigans he engaged in, such as “liking” the Instagram Picture of a half-naked model.

There were hints that this was in the cards, after Republican representative Mark Walker, a former LU faculty member and current school advisory board trustee tweeted that Falwell should resign.

We at Pulpit & Pen have been instrumental in breaking the story and seeing the demise of this unqualified, troubled leader. We were one of the very first news organizations to get the story out, even as people were claiming the photos were photoshopped and doubting their veracity.

We were also the first news organization to break the story that the event was a “Trailer Park Boys” party, with our video being referenced by major national and international news sources, such as Politico, The Guardian, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and others.

We are glad that Falwell is out and we don’t see him coming back. We pray the next President that Liberty Univerity selects to lead would be a man of God with a theological clarity, character, and personal holiness befitting a Christian University.